🇧🇲 Bermuda Heroes Weekend Carnival

Bermuda Heroes Weekend is an incredible carnival that is held every year at the start of summer in Bermuda! It is a fun, vibrant and colorful celebration that embraces local culture and heritage.


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    When is Bermuda Heroes Weekend?

    The official 2022 Bermuda Heroes Weekend dates will run from Friday June 17th 2022 – Monday 20th 2022. There will be loads of pre-carnival events that will lead up to the official carnival celebrations.

    Where is Bermuda Heroes Weekend?

    bermuda carnival

    Palm trees, pastel-coloured houses and gorgeous pink-sand beaches, many think that Bermuda is part of the Caribbean. But that is wrong, Bermuda is not part of the Caribbean. It is an island that sits in the North Atlantic, and belongs to the British Overseas Territory but operates independently as a country.

    What is Bermuda Heroes Weekend?

    bermuda carnival

    Bermuda Heroes Weekend is carnival in Bermuda. This year to celebrate its 6th anniversary, the carnival has been extended into a ten day celebration. Carnival in Bermuda is all about embracing and celebrating the local culture.

    Bermuda Heroes Weekend is an explosion of culture and colour. To differentiate itself from other Caribbean carnivals, Bermuda Heroes Weekend is all about honouring the national heroes of Bermuda.

    Bermuda Heroes Weekend is filled with parties, fetes, concerts, feasting on local cuisine, music, booze, dance, costumes and the incredible Parade of the Bands. It is when the whole island unites and celebrates life!

    Wave your flag

    History of carnival in Bermuda

    Bermuda Heroes Weekend began with the Bermuda Heroes Weekend organisers, who wanted to provide the Bermuda people with their own unique carnival celebration. Bermudians have a tremendous love for their culture and a vehicle was needed to express that love.

    Bermuda is paradise filled with sun, sea, sand and a people rich with cultural traditions. The team wanted to create a carnival that would be beloved by locals as well as attract tourists.

    Celebrating the Heroes of Bermuda!

    bermuda carnival

    Why is it called Bermuda Heroes Weekend? Because Bermuda Heroes Weekend is all about heroes! Specifically, the Bermudian Heroes who are “admired and acknowledged for their courage, outstanding achievements and noble qualities.” The core intention is to honour the achievements of the Bermudan Heroes announced for the previous year and those from the past. 

    The most recently recognised hero was Gladys Carlon de Courcy who led the 30-year campaign for women’s rights in Bermuda that began back in 10920. As well as Sir Edward Trenton Richards who was a visionary who helped lay foundations for having an inclusive and diverse Bermudian society today.

    Bermuda National Heroes are selected based on the contribution they have made for Bermuda, and in terms of how they have enriched the life of others in terms of development and growth. Also for how they have improved the quality of life in Bermuda.

    The team who organises Bermuda Heroes Weekend stated that “To know our heroes is to know ourselves!Our values, our collective history, who we are, and what makes us as Bermudians great.”

    How do they celebrate Bermuda Heroes Weekend?

    bermuda carnival

    Bermuda Heroes Weekend is all about celebrating Bermudian culture with a lively parade of the bands filled with colourful costumes, dancing in the streets and incredible musicians. There will also be performances from famous international soca stars.

    In addition to live music concerts and entertainment there will be lots of street parties/fetes, an all-night J’ourert celebration, delicious local cuisine, boat rides, Race Day Raft Up party, Promoters Day events and so much more.

    Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2021 Carnival Schedule

    While the celebration for this year’s Bermuda Heroes Weekend goes for ten-days, the carnival kicks off on Friday, the 17th June with a huge stage-show Fete.

    Friday, 17th June 2022 – 5 Star Friday

    • Time: 6pm until late

    Carnival officially kicks off at 6pm with non-stop amazing live performances during 5-Star Friday. This event features the best local and international DJs and Soca artists.

    Saturday, 18th June 2022 – The Raft Up

    • Time: 12:00pm

    This is a world’s first and a unique celebration that only occurs at Bermuda Heroes Weekend. Raft Up takes carnival into the water! A big floating barge is transformed into a stage and to attend the party you must jump in a floating device or boat. ou can arrive by land or water and experience a day of sun and soca, in the sea! It is a huge party filled with amazing music, booze and floatation devices of all shapes and sizes. 


    Early Saturday morning is J’ouvert. In English the term means ‘party at day break’ which was a tradition that started in Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. This J’ouvert celebration holds the world record for having the biggest “circle of friends”.  This is the wildest fete to take place under the moonlight.

    Monday, 20th June 2022 – Parade of the Bands and Last Lap

    The weekend culminates on Monday afternoon with the Parade of Bands. Five mas-bands participate in the parade with incredible costumes that are created by some of the world’s top costume designers. The exhilarating day ends with ‘Last lap’, an epic event that features live performances from international artists and DJs.

    What is playing mas?

    bermuda carnival

    When it comes to celebrating Caribbean Carnival you can either just be a spectator or you can join in the parades! When you want to join it is called playing mas. For those not familiar with Caribbean Carnival, to play mas you have to join a masquerade band. 

    You cannot just show up in a beautiful home-made costume and join the parade. You must select a mas band that you want to be part of, contact them, purchase their costumes, or t-shirts and dance through the streets with your chosen band.

    The best way to enjoy the Parade of the Bands in Bermuda is to join in and play mas! We highly recommend playing mas for the ultimate carnival experience. How to choose a Mas Band? Well that’s a difficult decision because you have so many good options. The Bermuda Heroes Weekend mas bands are:

    • Party People: This Mas Band strives to provide everyone with an unrivalled experience not just for locals, but also for visitors, that is filled with innovative events. Instagram:@PartyPeopleEntBDA or Facebook: Party People Entertainment
    • Code Red Bermuda: This was the 2017 Band of the Year. They are all about unleashing an unsurpassed level of energy wherever they go. They provide top quality entertainment for mas and original themes. Instagram: @CodeRed_BDA or Facebook: Code Red BDA
    • Nova Mas International: Nova Mas International is committed to providing an exception time for local and visiting millennials. Nova Mas is all about celebrating life while connecting culture, rhythm and unity. Instagram: @NovaMasIntl or Facebook: NovaMasIntl

    How to get to Bermuda?

    bermuda carnival

    It is easy to reach Bermuda by flying or by a cruise ship. There are plenty of flights direct to Bermuda and is only a few hours from the East Coast of the USA.

    How to get around in Bermuda?

    Getting around the island is very simple. You have public transportation with buses and ferries, taxis or you can rent a scooter, or a two-seater mini car. Get a quote for a rental car here.

    Book your Hotel and Flight for the Bermuda Heroes Weekend Carnival

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    Where to stay while in Bermuda?

    So many places to stay while in Bermuda that will fit any budget or level of comfort that you require. Check out some accomodation options here.

    What to do and see in Bermuda?

    bermuda carnival

    Bermuda is a stunning island that is filled with beautiful and dramatic landscapes. It is a sparkling jewel that sits in the middle of the Atlantic, 700 miles from the East coast of the USA. Over 65,000 people call Bermuda home and the island culture is a mix of Caribbean flare, American culture with a mix of British politeness. The locals are always smiling and incredibly hospitable.

    While Bermuda may be famous for their shorts and the Bermuda Triangle it is also known for its pink-sandy beaches like Horseshoe Bay and Elbow Beach. Bermuda has crystal clear waters, subtropical weather and beautiful fauna and flora . You can spend your time relaxing, enjoying water sports, scuba diving, snorkelling or enjoy some world-class shopping and dining.

    For more information about tours, things to do, sightseeing tours, day trips and more click here. For longer vacations check out Tour Radar for some cool trips.

    Before you go!

    We can’t stress enough the importance of travel insurance! Never travel without coverage! Being protected on your travels gives you an irreplaceable peace of mind. Don’t learn the hard way about the importance of travel insurance. Get a quote through our recommended insurance provider, World Nomads!


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    Location Map

    Table of Contents
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