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All prices of tickets for events and other products displayed on the web are in euros and include VAT.

In addition, the total price includes a 3% fee for Carnivaland management expenses.

Tickets can be restricted to a maximum number per person, per credit card and, for some events, per family. In the event of making purchases contrary to said rule, if any, the company reserves the right to cancel the purchased tickets that exceed this number without prior notice.


Tickets are issued in accordance with the rules and regulations of the venue and the Promoter of the event. All the details are available at the venue box office or on the promoter/organizer’s website.

The user will be responsible for protecting their QR code and not sharing it with others until the moment they enter the venue, to avoid plagiarism or fraudulent use.


As a ticket sales agent, Carnivaland acts as an intermediary between the Client and the Promoter-Organizer of the event. In accordance with current legislation, the event organizer will be responsible if an event is cancelled.

The organizer as the only person responsible for the cancellation assumes the obligation to inform the public regarding said situation. They are also responsible for the return of the tickets and the established deadlines, which Carnivaland strictly complies with.

Carnivaland will also report such changes on its website so that users and buyers are properly informed.

The Carnivaland management fee will not be refundable in under any circumstance.

Tickets cannot be refunded. The inability to attend a performance or an error when making the purchase are not valid reasons to proceed with a refund. Tickets can only be canceled or refunded if Carnivaland has been informed to do so from the Promoter. This usually occurs in cases such as cancellations or changes of dates.


Once the payment is confirmed, the delivery will be immediate, by sending the corresponding entry in pdf format to the user’s email with a individual reference number and unique QR code.

For any questions about your tickets for events, you can contact us on the phone (+34) 639 151 838 or at


Payment by card or Paypal.

Users can pay online using a card which is a secure payment made through SERMEPA (REDSYS) that safely identifies customers who buy through the internet. This system complies with the secure electronic commerce standards adopted by the international card brands Visa and MasterCard to guarantee the ownership of the buyer. Purchases made through the SERMEPA (REDSYS) internet payment service, with cards issued by any other national or foreign financial entity and in which the identity of the cardholder is authenticated, will be managed by this system.

Purchase made through Paypal are safe (protected by the SSL protocol), easy and fast, with a simple and easy registration. Your bank or credit card details are only stored in PayPal. You will not have to write your credit card details for each purchase. Your order will be registered once you have confirmed the payment on the PayPal website. The collection will be made at the time of formalizing the order.

Making the payment through Paypal implies a cost of € 0.35 fixed + 4.4% on the total order assumed by the buyer. This is the commission that Paypal receives for the use of its services. This amount will be reflected before placing the order during the formalization of the purchase.


Carnivaland is responsible for the Website and has providers a Customer Service to users which is available from Monday to Saturday, in which attention will be given to all queries, complaints and suggestions raised in relation to the operation of the Website.

Users can contact Carnivaland through the following channels:

  • Email: • WhatsApp phone: (+34) 639 151 838

We will respond to claims or inquiries received in the shortest possible time, which in no case will exceed one (1) week after the user had submitted the claim or inquiry.

All these terms and conditions are governed by Spanish law and any conflict arising from any transaction with Carnivaland will be subject solely to the jurisdiction of the Spanish Courts.

Any of the previous clauses that is null or contrary to the Law, will be considered as not put, subtracting the others in force and with full effectiveness for the parties.


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