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Your Guide to Carnivals around the World


carnaval cozumel

🇲🇽 Cozumel Carnival

  Mexico, Cozumel
  February 7, 2024 · February 13, 2024

The Carnival of Cozumel is considered the best Carnival in the Mexican Caribbean and is one of the oldest in the country. It is divided in two parts: Pre-Carnival and Carnival. This Carnival has over 140 years of history and lasts approximately a month.
Atlanta Dekalb Carnival

🇺🇸 Atlanta Dekalb Carnival

  United States, Atlanta
  May 27, 2023 · 

The Atlanta Dekalb Carnival is all about embracing and celebrating Caribbean culture in the United States. Parades, parties, food, music and dance for everyone to enjoy!
carnaval houston

🇺🇸 Houston Caribbean Festival

  United States, Houston
  July 4, 2024 · July 6, 2024

Houston Caribbean Festival celebrates Caribbean culture. Enjoy live music performances, DJs, costumes, a mas parade and more
Festival Caribeño de NOLA

🇺🇸 NOLA Caribbean Festival

  United States, New Orleans

NOLA Caribbean Carnival is all about celebrating and embracing Caribbean culture in New Orleans. Parades, parties, food, dance, music and fun for the whole family.
Carnaval de Carolina del Sur

🇺🇸 South Carolina Carnival

  United States, Columbia

South Carolina Carnival is a carnival celebration that is all about good music, food and culture!
Carnaval de Veracruz

🇲🇽 Veracruz Carnival

  Mexico, Veracruz

Mexican Carnivals are some of the best in the world and Veracruz Carnival is said to be Mexico’s best carnival! You must travel here to experience first hand one of the best carnivals north of Rio!
Mardi Gras en Lafayette

🇺🇸 Lafayette Mardi Gras

  United States, Lafayette
  February 10, 2024 · February 13, 2024

Lafayette Mardi Gras is the biggest and best party in the United States. It is full of parades, parties and centuries of tradition. Here is everything you need to know about celebrating Mardi Gras in Lafayette!
Carnaval de Mazatlan

🇲🇽 Mazatlan Carnival

  Mexico, Mazatlan

Mazatlán Carnival is said to be the third biggest carnival in the world with over a million people celebrating in the city for the six days before Lent. Here is everything you need to know to celebrate carnival in Mazatlán
Carnaval de Baltimore Washington One

🇺🇸 Baltimore Washington One Carnival

  United States, Baltimore
  July 1, 2024 · July 31, 2024

Baltimore Washington One Carnival is all about retaining and promoting Caribbean Carnival to the community through colorful parades, funky music, great food and lots of fun! Here is Everything you need to know about attending this carnival!
Desfile del Labor Day

🇺🇸 West Indian Day Parade

  United States, New York

West Indian Day Parade (Labor Day Parade) is the most colorful event in NYC where around three million people come out to celebrate Caribbean culture.
Carnaval Miami Broward

🇺🇸 Miami Carnival

  United States, Miami
  October 7, 2024 · October 10, 2024

Carnival lovers and Mas Players get excited because Caribbean Carnival is back! Get excited for the Miami Carnival, one of the only carnivals in the entire world to take place this year!
Carnaval de Charleston Carifest

🇺🇸 Charleston Carifest

  United States, Charleston
  June 1, 2024 · June 30, 2024

Charleston Carifest is all about embracing and celebrating the awesome island cultures and heritage in Charleston South Carolina.

Your Guide to Carnivals around the World

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