Your Guide to Carnivals around the World


carnaval eupen

🇧🇪 Eupen Carnival

  Belgium, Eupen
  🔴 2022 Cancelled

Eupen Carnival in Belgium has been celebrated since the 17th Century. Every year thousands of people come together to enjoy life, dance, feast and have fun before the start of Lent
prague carnival

🇨🇿 Masopust Prague – Prague Bohemian Carnival

  Czech Republic, Prague
  25 Feb - 1 Mar 2022

Colorful parades, performances and exhibitions of artistic skills with lots of people gathered to celebrate one of the best carnivals worldwide.
Aguilas Carnival

🇪🇸 Aguilas Carnival

  Spain, Aguilas
  Postponed until summer

Aguilas Carnival is known as one of the top carnival celebrations in Spain. Situated in the Spanish Mediterranean this winter carnival is famous for fun. Here is everything you need to know about celebrating carnival in Aguilas!
Maspalomas Carnival

🇪🇸 The International Carnival of Maspalomas

  Spain, Maspalomas
  9 Jun - 19 Jun, 2022

Maspalomas Carnival takes place in a resort town in Spain’s Canary Islands. There is no better place to enjoy carnival with wild parties, great weather and beautiful beaches.
carnaval de torello

🇪🇸 Torello Carnival (Carnaval de Terra Endins)

  Spain, Torello
  24 Mar - 30 Mar 2022

Torelló is a tiny Catalonian town that’s population increases tenfold during carnival! This is because they put on one of the most creative and innovative carnivals in all of Spain.
carnaval de ovar

🇵🇹 Ovar Carnival

  Portugal, Ovar
  12 Feb - 1 Mar 2022

The city of Ovar hosts every year one of the most important Carnival celebrations of the country, where the most important event for the folklore of Portugal takes place every year.
Carnaval de Nuneaton

🇬🇧 Nuneaton Carnival

  United Kingdom, Nuneaton
  🟠 Estimated Date June 2022

Nuneaton Carnival brings the whole community together for a fun day out that also raises money for much needed causes!
Carnaval de Woodley

🇬🇧 Woodley Carnival

  United Kingdom, Woodley
  11 June 2022

Woodley Community Carnival is an annual carnival that is all about uniting the community. It is a day of fun, joy and community spirit
Carnaval de Bishop’s Stortford

🇬🇧 Bishop’s Stortford Carnival

  United Kingdom, Bishop's Stortford
  🟠 Estimated Date June 2022

Bishop’s Stortford Carnival is an annual carnival that is all about uniting the community. It is a day of fun, joy and community spirit.
carnaval de malta

🇲🇹 Malta Carnival

  Malta, Valletta
  25 Feb - 1 Mar 2022

Here is everything you need to know about Il-Karnival Ta’ Malta 2022. This carnival has been celebrated for over six centuries and is one of the most beloved and anticipated events of the year.
Carnaval de Cadiz

🇪🇸 Cadiz Carnival

  Spain, Cadiz
  9 Jun - 19 Jun 2022

Every year the gorgeous city of Cadiz in Spain hosts one of the funniest and most entertaining carnivals in the world! Cadiz Carnival is one of the most extravagant parties you will ever attend. This article is filled with tips, advice and valuable information to help you have the best possible carnival experience!
Carnaval de Bridgwater

🇬🇧 Bridgwater Carnival

  United Kingdom, Bridgwater
  Saturday 5th November 2022

Bridgwater Carnival is one of the most unique carnivals in the UK! It is an illuminated carnival that will absolutely blow you away!

Your Guide to Carnivals around the World

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