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Your Guide to Carnivals around the World

carnaval mashramani

🇬🇾 Mashramani Carnival

  Guyana, Georgetown
  25 Nov - 28 Nov 2022

Mashramani or Mash for short is the name given to Guyana's carnival, which not only celebrates this date but also commemorates the day the South American country became a Republic.
diablos de yare

🇻🇪 Diablos of Yare Carnival

  Venezuela, San Francisco de Yare
  16 Jul 2022

Dancing Devils of Yare is one of the most popular Venezuelan religious festivals – It’s celebrated in San Francisco de Yare.
Carnaval de Fortaleza

🇧🇷 Fortaleza Carnival

  Brazil, Fortaleza
  24 Feb - 1 Mar 2022

The Fortaleza Carnival is considered one of the best carnival celebrations to take place in the northeast of Brazil.

🇵🇾 Encarnacion Carnival

  Paraguay, Encarnacion
  🟠 Estimated Date Jan - Feb 2021

Move over Rio! There is another carnival in town! Paraguayans have their own glitzy and colourful carnival celebrations that are said by some to be more fun than Rio! Here is our travel guide to Encarnacion Carnival full of useful information!
Carnaval de Montevideo

🇺🇾 Montevideo Carnival

  Uruguay, Montevideo
  🟠 Postponed

The best guide for your trip to Montevideo Carnival 2020. All the info about this beautiful carnival in Uruguay.
Carnaval de São Paulo

🇧🇷 São Paulo Carnival

  Brazil, São Paulo
  8 Jul - 11 Jul 2021

Sao Paulo Carnival is one of Brazil’s best carnival celebrations. It puts on Samba Parades that can easily rival the ones seen at Rio.
Carnaval de El Callao

🇻🇪 El Callao Carnival

  Venezuela, El Callao
  11 Feb - 16 Feb 2021

El Callao Carnival is the largest carnival in Venezuela. It has also been recognised by UNESCO for possessing intangible heritage.
Fiesta de La Virgen de La Tirana

🇨🇱 Virgin of La Tirana Festival

  Chile, La Tirana
  15 Jul - 16 Jul 2021

The Festival of the Virgin of La Tirana is one of the biggest religious celebrations in Chile, where 250,000 people make their way to the small town of La Tirana, for 10 days of celebrations dedicated to the patron saint of Chile, La Virgen del Carmen.
Carnaval de Guayana

🇬🇾 Guyana Carnival

  Guyana, Georgetown
  19 May - 27 May 2021

Guyana Carnival is the an annual carnival in Georgetown Guyana! It is a wild, vibrant and colourful celebration that embraces local culture and heritage.
carnaval de ouro preto

🇧🇷 Ouro Preto Carnival

  Brazil, Ouro Preto
  12 Feb - 16 Feb 2021

Ouro Preto is one of Brazils most unique carnivals because everything is organised by its student population. Here is everything you need to know to attend carnival in Ouro Preto.
carnaval recife olinda

🇧🇷 Recife & Olinda Carnival

  Brazil, Recife
  12 Feb - 16 Feb 2021

Carnival in Recife and Olinda is said by many to be Brazil’s best carnival. It has been called Brazil’s most authentic carnival celebrations. Here is everything you need to know about celebrating carnival in Recife and Olinda.
carnaval oruro

🇧🇴 Oruro Carnival

  Bolivia, Oruro
  6 Feb - 16 Feb 2021

Oruro Carnival is Bolivia’s top tourist attraction. It is an incredible mix between the ancient Andean and Spanish colonial traditions and religions. Here is everything you need to know about attending carnival in Oruro, Boliva.

Your Guide to Carnivals around the World

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