Your Guide to Carnivals around the World


Carnaval Internacional de Harare

🇿🇼 Harare International Carnival

  Zimbabwe, Harare
  🟠 Estimated Date May 2023

The Harare International Carnival in Zimbabwe is a carnival that breathes multiculturalism.
Carnaval de Ciudad del Cabo

🇿🇦 Cape Town Carnival

  South Africa, Cape Town
  March 18, 2023 · 

The Cape Town Carnival is one of the treasures of Africa, a melting pot of cultures that has an amazing parade, epic floats and music that will leave its mark on you forever.
Carnaval de Nairobi

🇰🇪 Nairobi Mardi Gras Festival

  Kenya, Nairobi
  🟠 Estimated Date October 2023

Nairobi Mardi Gras Carnival promotes African Heritage, Promotes the Afro music, Food and dance over the Mashujaa weekend.
Carnaval de Calabar

🇳🇬 Calabar Carnival

  Nigeria, Calabar
  December 1, 2022 · December 31, 2022

Calabar Carnival is known as the pride of Nigeria. For the entire month of December the city of Calabar puts on numerous carnival events.