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Orlando Carnival is a Caribbean – American carnival celebration that is colorful, chaotic and filled with revelry.


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    When is Orlando Carnival?

    Orlando Carnival Downtown takes place over Memorial weekend! The Orlando Carnival Parade will take place from May 26 – May 28, 2023. J’ouvert and Back in Time Lime will take place on May 27, 2023. The Carnival Parade, Concert and Festival will take place on May 28, 2023.

    Where is Orlando Carnival?

    Dezerland Park, Orlando

    5250 International Drive

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    What is carnival in Orlando?

    orlando carnival

    Orlando has its very own Caribbean Carnival celebration! In 2022 they will be celebrating the 36th Annual Orlando Downtown Carnival and everyone is welcome to join the fun! It is all about celebrating and embracing Caribbean culture. Orlando Carnival is a family-friendly carnival that is a weekend filled with parties and pageantry.

    For 32-year Orlando Carnival has presented, preserved and promoted a deeper appreciation and understanding for Caribbean culture. This is done through carnival and representing what is truly Caribbean through Caribbean dance, music, masquerades, costumes and Caribbean cuisine.

    The Orlando Carnival embraces multiculturalism, in fact Orlando Carnival has been known to attract the largest congregation of both culturally diverse participants and attendees including Americans, Indo-Caribbean, Afro-Caribbean, Hispanic-Caribbean and Asian-Caribbean. Over 20,000 people participate in carnival with thousands more in attendance.

    What is the History of Orlando Carnival?

    orlando carnival

    Founded in 1986, The Central Florida West Indian American Carnival Association had a vision, that would bring a Caribbean carnival to Central Florida. It held its first pre-carnival in 1987 at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. The association calls “carnival is indeed the labor of love”, and it is because of the dedication and passion of this association to keep Caribbean culture alive, the carnival has been celebrated for 35 years.

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    How do they celebrate Orlando Carnival

    orlando carnival

    The Orlando Carnival has been infusing the joys of Caribbean culture and music into Orlando for more than three decades. Orlando Carnival Downtown is a family-friendly carnival that everyone can enjoy! Visiting Orlando Carnival is a wonderful cultural experience.

    Orlando Carnival brings pageantry, parties and parades. You can enjoy authentic Caribbean food and drinks. Listen to authentic Caribbean music from steelpan bands, soca, reggae and calypso artists. Or you can shop all the street vendors selling authentic Caribbean arts and crafts.

    Of course, the highlight of Orlando Carnival is the costumed masquerade parade filled with the most stunning and elaborate costumes. There are loads of parties surrounding carnival from the Breakfast Fete to J’ouvert.

    Orlando Carnival is all about celebrating with the American-Caribbean community. So many Caribbean Countries and islands are represented during carnival including Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Barbados, Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Belize, Cuba, St Kitts, Bahamas, Grenada, Cuba and so many others.

    Orlando Carnival Mas Parade

    orlando carnival

    What is a Mas Band? Mas Bands are organisations who pay for the same costumes which are all created by the same costume designer.

    The costumed participants parade and dance together through the streets along with steelpan bandssoca musicians or even a DJ. This is what is known as playing mas.

    Thousands compete and watch the parade. It is a colorful, vibrant and energetic spectacle. The masquerades are dressed in the most colorful costumes that are adorned with feathers, jewels, headdresses and wings. The soca pumps loud and everyone dances the day away. 

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    Orlando Carnival Mas Bands

    orlando carnival

    Can I be a part of the Orlando Carnival? The answer is yes of course you can! Absolutely anyone can be part of the parade, you don’t have to be Caribbean to join in the fun. One of the best ways to enjoy Orlando Carnival is to join in and play mas!

    There are several carnival bands that you can take part in and each offer their own unique Orlando Carnival experience. All you have to do is pick a mas band, buy a costume and march with your band on the day.

    The Orlando Carnival Mas Bands are:

    Where do I purchase tickets to Orlando?

    You can look at the official website which has information about tickets and packages here.

    How to get to Orlando?

    orlando carnival

    Over 50 million people visit Orlando annually. So you should have no problem getting there by plane, train, bus or car, depending on where you are coming from. The city’s major airport Orlando International Airport, services many major airlines and has a very high flight availability. Alternatively, there is also a much smaller airport Orlando Sanford International Airport.

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    Where to stay in Orlando?

    There are so many choices in Orlando. One good option is International Drive or I-Drive as it is known locally. This place is often called the Vegas Strip of Orlando because there are hundreds of hotels, shops, restaurants and other attractions that all sit right beside each other and run for eleven miles. There is also a free I-Ride bus service if you don’t have a car that runs from 8am until 10:30pm at night.

    What to do and see in Orlando?

    orlando carnival

    There is so much to do and see in Orlando of course the biggest draw card that Orlando has is its theme parks. Orlando is home to Walt Disney World which has the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park and so much more.

    It also has the Universal Orlando Resort which is home to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Florida Universal Studio, Universal Islands of Adventure and more. There is also LEGOLAND Resort, Sea world and more. Besides the theme parks and water parks, Orlando offers prime shopping, dining and ecotourism.

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    Location Map

    Table of Contents
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