North America

Welcome to North America

Welcome to North America the land of opportunity! North America is a continent that is located entirely within the Northern Hemisphere and almost entirely in the Western Hemisphere. North America is considered to be the northern subcontinent of the Americas and consists of the United States, Canada, Bermuda, Mexico, Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

North America is called the land of opportunity, a land that is for the dreamers. North America is probably the most talked about, analysed, mythologised and misunderstood continent on earth. North America is a land that combines the wonders of man and nature where you will find stunning landscapes combined with big sprawling cities.

North America is full of legendary highways, big cities, small cities, charming towns, stretches of sparkling coastline, national parks, red-rock deserts, lush tropical forest, sun-blasted deserts, canyons, towering pine forests, snow-capped mountains and lots of sparkling lakes and rivers.  You can explore the natural beauty of Yosemite National Park or the Canadian Rockies or the Grand Canyon some of the worlds most iconic natural beauty.

North America is home to some of the world’s most iconic cities, you can hit up a big city like New York, full with sensory delights and cutting edge music, art, fashion and culture. Or you can head to Los Angeles to see where the rich and famous live and experience some Hollywood glamour. Head north to Quebec City to be inundated with European charm or head to bustling Mexico City, one of the world’s biggest cities where modern meets Mayan and ancient Aztec wonders.

North America is home to some of the most exuberant, colourful and vibrant carnival celebrations. Carnival in North America is an opportunity to have fun, drink in excess, express joy as well as party all day and night. In the United States Carnival is better known as Mardi Gras and it first made its way to North America via the French colonists back in 1699. Today the biggest and most famous Mardi Gras takes place in New Orleans which is full of parades, music and Cajun cuisine.

In Mexico over 200 communities celebrate carnival. Mazatlán Carnival in Mexico claims to be the third largest carnival celebration in the world. And its not just the pre-Lenten carnivals, there are also lots of cool summer and winter festivals.

In Canada the Quebec Winter Carnival is one of the biggest winter carnivals in the world and in summer there are colourful Caribbean Carnivals which occur in cities all over North America. Like Caribana in Toronto or the Miami Carnival. Discover some of the best places in North America to celebrate.

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