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Mazatl√°n Carnival is said to be the third biggest carnival in the world with over a million people celebrating in the city for the six days before Lent. Here is everything you need to know to celebrate carnival in Mazatl√°n


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    When is the Mazatl√°n Carnival 2024?

    Mazatlán Carnival is a pre-Lenten carnival that always takes place in the days preceding Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of Lent. However, you can feel the party atmosphere kicking off in the week before the official start of carnival.

    What is the date for the 2024 Mazatlán Carnival? Carnival in Mazatlán begins on Thursday February 8 and finishes on Shrove Tuesday February 13, 2024. 

    Where is Mazatl√°n Carnival?

    Mazatl√°n is located in the Mexican state of Sinaloa and situated on the Pacific Coast and runs parallel to the southern tip of Baja California peninsula. Mazatl√°n is a popular tourist destination for North Americans because of its warm climate, gorgeous sandy beaches and historical colonial towns. All of this makes celebrating carnival in Mazatl√°n an excellent choice!

    What is carnival in Mazatl√°n?

    mazatlan carnival

    Mazatlán Carnival or Carnaval de Mazatlán is a pre-Lenten carnival celebration that has been running for over 100 years. It takes place every year in the five days preceding Lent as is the most anticipated event of the year! Mazatlán Carnival claims to be the third largest carnival in the world with well over a million people heading to the city to celebrate carnival. There is no other carnival in the world that celebrates like Mazatlán who is known for its abundance of brass bands.

    Mazatl√°n Carnival is without a doubt one of the most unique and vibrant celebration in all of Mexico and absolutely worth experiencing. Despite the fact that Mazatl√°n is a popular international tourist destination almost the majority of the people attending carnival are from Mexico. The locals say that carnival is part of their DNA and that carnival runs through their veins. Work and school come to a halt during carnival so that everyone can be swept up in the carnival spirit.

    An old saying is that “in Mazatl√°n, time is measured by Carnival“. Mazatl√°n Carnival is a festival of the people! While some carnivals are about drunkenness and debauchery, that is not what Mazatl√°n Carnival is about. Of course, you will see that going on, but carnival in Mazatl√°n is an intergenerational family affair! The locals take pride in the fact that the Carnival King is often just an ordinary guy from the barrio who labors for a living.

    How do they celebrate Mazatl√°n Carnival?

    mazatlan carnival

    This merry Mexican carnival is celebrated in the five days prior to Ash Wednesday. One of its main features is the abundance of brass bands, as well as the sounds of Tambora music that fill the air, and can be heard day and night all over the city for the duration of carnival.

    In addition to the excess of traditional live music, Mazatlán Carnival has colorful parades, fireworks, awards for poetry, art and literature, and carnival royalty coronations. The party atmosphere overtakes the whole city, and everyone gives in to enjoying the sensation of excess. All the streets of Mazatlán are transformed into a sea of people drinking, socializing and dancing the night away to all the different bands that line the Malecon.

    Mazatlán Carnival is a holiday period for the local people which means that the carnival celebrations go all day and night. Because it is an intergenerational family celebration you will see grandparents out with children, teenagers and adults of all ages.

    A few weeks before Mazatlán Carnival officially starts about 10 giant multi-colored carnival figurines called Monigotes are paraded along the Malecon and are based on the current year’s theme.

    What is the History of Mazatl√°n Carnival?

    mazatlan carnival

    The origins of Mazatlán Carnival are as old as the city itself with historians noting that mid-winter celebrations used to occur all the time in the city and that many traditions came from the natives. It wasn’t until the 1800s when carnival in Mazatlán was first documented by the early settlers.

    The first documentation occurred in 1827 by Captain Juan Antonio Mu√Īoz. According to chronicles on Shrove Tuesday masked costumers would parade throughout Mazatl√°n telling jokes, singing songs and throwing flour around.

    In 1898 Mazatl√°n Carnival became a more official week-long multi-event celebration. It saw its first street procession featuring chariots and bicycles. As well as the first official crowning of a king and queen and numerous social events and balls.

    History notes that prior to 1898 carnival celebrations were vulgar and informal. People threw flour, eggshells, ashes, dyes and even rocks at each other and would hurl insults at each other. The idea was for the parade to eradicate the flour throwing and replace it with confetti.

    ūüáßūüáł Junkanoo Bahamas

    What makes Mazatl√°n Carnival so unique is that its original character has changed very little since 1898. It is still celebrated pretty much the same way today, as it was back in its early days.

    Mazatl√°n Carnival Music – Carnival of Brass Bands

    mazatlan carnival

    What is so unique about the Mazatlán Carnival is that the carnival is famous for its abundance of brass bands and live music known as Banda Music. For the entire duration of carnival there is an abundance of brass bands playing all up and down the sidewalks.  The majority of concerts and music events occur along the Malecon at Olas Atlas Beaches, and in the Centro Historic adjacent to it.

    Huge crowds of people move slowly up and down the boardwalk listening to all the different bands playing live music. There is literally a new band to discover and listen to every few meters along the boardwalk and they play every night during carnival week from 6pm until 4am.

    One of the things that distinguishes the Mazatl√°n Carnival from other carnivals around the world is the regional Tambora music that is a heavy feature of this carnival. The musical style originated in the Sinaloa state in what is called “the grupero wave”.

    This music was originally brought to Mexico by German immigrants who came to Mazatl√°n. The German style of music combined with the local music creating a unique sound and genre that has transcended the world.

    Mazatl√°n Carnival Events

    There are many shows and events that normally take place as part of Carnival. Here are the main Mazatl√°n Carnival Events:

    • Evening of the Arts: A cultural performance that shows off the incredible Mazatl√°n culture. The show features music, ballet, singing and a full orchestra.
    • Carnival Fair: This is on for the duration of carnival and aimed at families. It features market stalls, food vendors and rides for the kids.
    • Food Festival: Eat your heart out and enjoy all the delicious local food and delicacies.¬†
    • Masquerade Balls: There are lots of private fancy masquerade balls that you could attend. You would need to purchase tickets for this.
    • Street Party: A huge street party takes place at Olas Altas and along Paseo Claussen. The area is filled with many stages and bands playing music. It‚Äôs a huge party with lots of alcohol sold and consumed.
    • King of Joy Coronation: Crowning the King of Joy kicks off carnival. It‚Äôs a great pace to enjoy a beer, some food and great entertainment.¬†
    • Floral Games Queen Coronation: A prestigious event that comes pack with elaborate and colorful stage shows and crowns the Queen of the Floral Games. There is a big ceremony that‚Äôs rounded out with fireworks. ¬†
    • Carnival Queen Coronation: The Carnival Queen is crowned at this event. You can enjoy incredible choreographed performances and regal pageantry to determine the Queen. The night is followed by an epic fireworks show and a concert with one of Latin America‚Äôs top musicians.¬†
    • Naval Combat Fireworks: One of the most popular carnival events. Huge choreographed fireworks and a drone show is put on along the Malecon.¬†
    • Inaugural (Sunday) Carnival Parade: This is the first of two giant parades, featuring massive floats and lots of performers that runs along the Malecon. It takes place on Carnival Sunday.¬†
    • Children’s Queen Coronation: This is similar to the Carnival Queen Coronation except for the kids.¬†
    • Great performance on the Monday of Carnival:
    • Second (Tuesday) Carnival Parade: Taking place on Shrove Tuesday, this is another massive parade that runs along the Malecon. Hundreds of thousands of people come out to watch this parade.¬†
    • Bad Mood Riddance: This is where a giant puppet is set on fire to get rid of bad feelings.

    The Inaugural Parade

    mazatlan carnival

    • When: Carnival Sunday
    • Where: heads north along the Malecon starting from Playa Olas Altas, to Valentino‚Äôs in the southern part of the Golden Zone
    • Cost: Free Event

    The Inaugural Parade is without a doubt the absolute highlight of carnival. It is not only the favorite event of carnival but also the most iconic and anticipated one. It occurs along the famous Malecon over an 11km stretch.

    The parade leaves Fisherman’s Monument and heads north at 5:30pm continuing to Valentino’s and finishes at about 10pm. A pre-parade departs about 4:30pm, which sees commercial floats tossing out freebies to the crowd.

    ūüá≠ūüá≥ La Ceiba Carnival

    The parade occurs not just once but twice! The main parade is held on Sunday, which is the more popular parade where the whole family comes out to enjoy and then again on Tuesday which turns into a crazy party because it is the last evening of allowed partying before Lent starts.

    The Inaugural Parade sees about 300,000 spectators come out to watch and while it is packed it is not quite as crowded as the Naval Fireworks. The parade features different sections with about 40 elaborately decorated themed floats, thousands of dancers and musicians as well as past and present carnival royalty.

    People will stake out their spots along the Malecon about 2-4 days ahead of time, and stay 24 hours a day to guard their space. There are many hotels that rent seats along the route, or book your accommodation or join a friend in one of the many hotels and condo buildings along the route to get a good view. The parade route becomes a big party in the days leading up to the parade.

    The Second Parade

    mazatlan carnival

    The second and final parade of carnival takes place on Shrove Tuesday and marks the beginning of the end of the Mazatl√°n Carnival. The parade flows along the Malecon from the Centro Historic to Valentinos. Following the parade is an epic party filled with loads of revelry that continues long into the night, and it is the last chance to do so before Lent begins.

    To see the floats in a more casual and relaxed setting, head to the Malecon north of the Sea Lion Statue on Shrove Tuesday anytime from about 1-4:30pm when the second parade begins. It is a prime chance to get some good photos, you will see the dancers getting ready and royalty boarding floats. The parade is not as crowded as the one on Sunday so there is more space to set up a chair along the parade route.

    Mazatl√°n Carnival at Night – Olas Altas Party Zone

    mazatlan carnival

    Mazatlán Carnival is a very family-friendly carnival, but it is still full of parties and celebrations! During the day you can chill on the beach or check out a cultural event. But when its night time everyone hits up the Malecon in the Party Zone in Olas Altas. Entry to the zone is free and you can then party from dusk till dawn. You haven’t experienced Mazatlán Carnival until you’ve danced the night away in the party zone!

    The boardwalk is not just lined with the bands but there is also plenty of food and beer vendors. People congregate around the live bands, grab a few tacos and beers and just enjoy the party. The beer flows freely during carnival, same with the margarita’s, which are poured by the liter. There is a great atmosphere, everyone is in a good mood and everyone is having fun!

    The Floral Games

    mazatlan carnival

    • When:¬†Carnival Friday
    • Location:¬†Estadio Teodoro Mariscal (Baseball Stadium in Mazatl√°n)
    • Cost: Ticketed Event

    Mazatl√°n Carnival includes several cultural activities that aim to show off the artistic quality of the locals. There are unique carnival events like poetry contests and literature awards. There is even an award for the best literary work published in Mexico that year. The literary award is very prestigious with many famous authors amongst the past winters.

    One of the most famous features of Mazatl√°n Carnival is the Floral Games. The Floral Games is a poetry and literature contest that started back in 1925. It got its name because the winners were originally awarded with flowers as a prize. It receives a huge amount of entries and contestants with the best ‚Äėflowery verse‚Äô are awarded prizes.

    Carnival Royalty

    mazatlan carnival

    Mazatlán Carnivals has five recurring Royal Carnival Characters that preside over the carnival. This includes the King of Carnival, King of Madness, The Carnival Queen, The Queen of the Floral Games and the Children’s Queen. 

    The crowning of the carnival royalty are big events that take place in the Mazatl√°n city baseball stadium in front of huge crowds. Interestingly the Kings of Carnival are distinguished as being satirical royals whereas the Carnival Queens are meant to be elegant and graceful characters.

    The Carnival Queen is chosen before the carnival celebrations begin and is usually selected through beauty contests and the runner up becomes the Queen of the Floral Games. Contrary to popular belief the Queen of the Floral Games is a very important position and not just runner up the Queen of Carnival.

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    Coronation of the Carnival King

    • When: Carnival Saturday
    • Where: Estadio Teodoro Mariscal (Mazatl√°n Venados Baseball Stadium)
    • Cost: Ticketed Event

    The Coronation of the Carnival King is much less pomp and circumstance than the coronation of the queens. But it is just as much fun, and a hell of a lot rowdier! It is free to attend and features some awesome dancing, video effects, epic fireworks which is followed by an exceptional concert.

    The concert attracts a huge crowd and we recommend bringing a seat and even a cooler of beer if you wish, although there will be plenty of vendors. Dress casual, wear closed in shoes and bring a jacket as the Malecon can get cool and breezy at night.

    Carnival Queen Coronation

    mazatlan carnival

    • When:¬†Carnival Friday
    • Location:¬†Estadio Teodoro Mariscal (Baseball Stadium in Mazatl√°n)
    • Cost: Ticketed Event

    You absolutely must attend the coronation of one of the queens! Besides a world-class concert there is also spirited and colorful dancing by local children and professionals with some epic fireworks. We recommend attending the Coronation of the Queen of the Floral Games or even the Child Queen Coronation because it frees up your Saturday night to watch the fireworks and the burning of the burning of the bad mood.

    It’s almost impossible to make it to both the Saturday coronation and then make it to Olas Altas in time for the fireworks, due to the huge traffic jams that are experienced during carnival, as well as the time needed to pass through security to enter the carnival zone.

    While people dress casually for the carnival king coronation they dress very nicely for the Queen Coronations! Take a jacket as the stadium can get cold at night. There will be plenty of vendors around selling food and drinks and you can always bring binoculars for a better view.

    Naval Combat Fireworks

    mazatlan carnival

    • When:¬†Saturday at 10:00 pm
    • Where:¬†Playa Olas Altas

    The Naval Combat Fireworks is one of the most popular events of the Mazatlán Carnival. It takes place on Carnival Saturday (the Saturday prior to Ash Wednesday) at Olas Atlas. This event is a huge over the top extravagant firework display. It is the most crowded event of carnival with over 500,000 people attending in a pretty cramped part of town, so if you don’t like crowds, then stay away!

    The display has historical implications that date back to when a French naval ship tried to invade Mazatl√°n but weren‚Äôt successful as the residents of Mazatl√°n fought back and held off the attack. Along with the firework display there is also a “Naval Combat” that re-enacts the battle that took place. The “Naval Combat” is an absolute highlight and best seen from the roof of a house.

    The Burning of the Bad Humor

    mazatlan carnival

    When: Carnival Saturday around 8:00 – 9:00 pm

    We encourage you to turn up early to the fireworks and watch the Burning of the Bad Humor. This little talked about event is a lot of fun and totally worth attending! It’s a Mexican tradition to burn a giant puppet that has been filled with firecrackers. The effigy is generally modeled after an unpopular public figure from the previous year. The puppet is first hanged, then burnt, which is done with the belief that it will banish all the ill-feeling out of Mazatlán!

    Mazatl√°n Carnival Tickets?

    mazatlan carnival

    There are several free events like the parades, street celebrations, firework celebrations and live music. However, you must buy tickets to any masquerade balls and any events held at the stadium like the royal coronations and the Floral Games.

    To purchase tickets to major Mazatl√°n Carnival events can be done at the Angela Peralta ticket offices, whose hours are from 9am until 3pm and then from 5pm till 7pm. It can also be done at Estadio Teodoro Mariscal/Venados Stadium and will be available after New Year. There is also a ticket office in the Centro Historico and prices will be made available closer to the event.

    Where to stay for Mazatl√°n Carnival?

    There are plenty of hotels, hostels, guest houses and apartment rentals for all budgets. You will want to stay close to the action so it is recommended that you stay around the Malecon. Accommodation near Olas Altas, in particular, is very popular because of its close proximity to all the carnival action. For the best view of the parade, it is best to find hotels on Avenida del Mar. 

    ūüáĻūüáĻ Trinidad & Tobago Carnival

    Some Mid-Range Hotels Located on Avenida del Mar that are popular for their parade view include:

    Mid-range Hotels Around the Malecon 

    Luxury Hotels around the Malecon 

    Budget and mid-range options around Centro Historico

    Luxury hotel option around Centro Historico

    Remember that Mazatlán carnival is very popular attracting around 1.3 million people so book early for the best prices and availability. In fact, a few weeks before the carnival begins, Mazatlán hoteliers report an occupancy of 95%.  For the hotels located on Del mar Avenue there is usually 100% occupancy, during carnival

    Also, it should be noted that due to high demand many hotels have implemented a policy where they recommend the room should be rented for at least three days.

    Of course, there are plenty of good options in the surrounding areas of Mazatl√°n.

    Check out some accommodation deals on Booking.com

    Mazatl√°n Carnival Tips

    1. Because Mazatlán Carnival is a party for all ages, enjoy yourself and have a good time, but be aware that this carnival is different to a lot of others where it’s just lots of wild partying and drinking. If that’s the carnival experience you are after, maybe try another carnival. Mazatlán Carnival is about being part of a tradition that is shared amongst generations.
    2. You must book your accommodation well in advance! Because accommodation gets booked up months in advance!
    3. We recommend you dress casually, wear good shoes, avoid jewelry and at night bring a jacket or jumper because it may be chilly.
    4. Leave your valuables at the hotel and don‚Äôt bring a lot of cash with you because there are pickpockets. It’s very crowded so it‚Äôs easy to pickpocket.
    5. When attending the parades, you can buy little wooden fold up chairs for a few dollars from vendors. Other options to watch the parade are on some hotel balconies.
    6. Don’t expect events to run on time. This is carnival, and things start when they start. We are not suggesting you arrive late for events, but don’t plan anything to run on schedule. 
    7. Expect huge crowds and loud music, if this doesn’t seem like your thing, then maybe this isn’t the carnival for you.
    8. Make sure you bring cash out with you as all the street vendors and beer vendors won’t accept cards. 
    9. To see the fireworks, we recommend arriving early in Olas Altas around 5-6pm and finding a seat on the Malecon. You will have to take turns with friends to go to the bathroom or get drinks to maintain your prime seating. You can also secure some seats on one of the many party boats that head out into the bay to watch the fireworks. Plenty of hotels offer reservations to view the fireworks. But also, you could book accommodation that offers a view.
    10. The music is loud! We always recommend bringing ear plugs with you.

    How to get to Mazatl√°n Carnival?

    mazatlan carnival

    • By plane: General Rafael Buelna International Airport¬†(MZT)¬†also known as Mazatl√°n International Airport is located about 20km south of Mazatl√°n. It receives domestic flights from all over Mexico and international flights from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Portland, Dallas, Salt Lake City, South Shore Harbor, Denver, Phoenix, Calgary, Minneapolis, Toronto-Pearson, Regina, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Vancouver, and Winnipeg. It is also possible to arrive via many other international destinations through Mexico City.
    • By train: Mexico’s passenger rail system went out of service in the late 1990s.
    • By car: Mazatl√°n is approximately an 18 hr drive from¬†Phoenix,¬†Arizona and a 20 hour drive from San Diego, California, U.S.A. If you want to drive then there are some considerations you must take into account when bringing a car into Mexico.
    • By bus: Mexico has an extremely well developed bus system and one can easily reach Mazatl√°n from all over the country. You can even catch a Greyhound bus from San Diego down to Mazatl√°n. From Mexico City it takes about 12 hours to reach Mazatl√°n ($90usd one way), it is about 6 hours from Guadalajara ($40usd one way), 15 hours from Nogales ($50usd one way), and about 2 hours from Culiacun.
    • By boat: Baja Ferries runs a ferry service between Mazatl√°n and La Paz in Baja California. It takes around 16 hours and leaves Mazatl√°n almost daily. Mazatl√°n has a busy port which accommodates numerous cruise ships which sail up and down the western coast of the Americas.
    ūüáĶūüᶠLas Tablas Carnival

    Book your Hotel and Flight for the Mazatlan Carnival


    How to get around Mazatl√°n?

    • By taxi: There are plenty of taxis operating in Mazatl√°n. Besides the normal taxis, the tourist areas also have many small white open-topped taxis called pulmonias which look like dodgem cars and are unique to Mazatl√°n. They are everywhere and you won‚Äôt have to wait long for one, but make sure that you bargain about the price before you hop in. Uber is also in Mazatl√°n and is about half the price of a pulmonia. Uber is also in Mazatl√°n and is always about half the price of a pulmon√≠a.
    • By bus: There are two different public transportation buses in Mazatl√°n. There are large green buses which run along the main tourist strip, next to the water and either veer off at Rafael Buelna Avenue or run down the Malecon to downtown. These are like coach buses and cost around M$9 pesos per trip. Then you have the regular local buses which are much cheaper and serve the entire system. They can be confusing to use without prior knowledge of the system. Check the back of the windshield of the bus as the bus route is typically written on it.
    • By car: Mazatl√°n sits on the intersection of highway 40 and highway 15. In-town transportation is predominantly motorized except for the Centro Historico, which has a very nice walking district.

    What to do in Mazatl√°n

    mazatlan carnival

    Mazatlán has pretty much everything you could want, a year-round warm climate, miles of sandy beaches, delicious cuisine, a gorgeously restored colonial old town, natural attractions, excellent nightlife, top-quality seafood and the friendliest locals. People love Mazatlán because it combines the beach with the incredible architecture and cultural richness of its historic downtown.

    If you want you can have a carnival experience that sees you laying on the beach all day and then partying all night long, this is the carnival for you. You can stroll through Centro Historico and admire the significant and historic buildings. You can climb up the famous lighthouse El Faro, and watch daredevil cliff divers throw themselves into the waves. Go on a day trip to one of Mazatlán’s three picturesque islands. Or take part in an array of water sports from kayaking to snorkeling.

    Here are some top tours and adventures:

    Is Mazatl√°n Carnival Safe?

    Mazatl√°n in general is considered to be pretty safe especially in the more touristy areas like the golden zone, Centro Historico etc. The main issue is petty crime like pickpocketing due to large crowds. The city has a strong police presence to protect tourists and this is amplified during carnival. As long as you are smart and stay aware of your surroundings you will be fine.

    Lock your doors and windows, leave your valuables like jewelry, passport etc. back at your hotel, and choose a hotel with a safe for passports and valuables.  Only bring some cash with you and if you have to take your phone out with you, don’t have it on show for long.

    Weather Mazatl√°n Carnival

    What is the weather like for Mazatl√°n Carnival? Mazatl√°n Carnival takes place during February and March and temperatures are quite comfortable, with low humidity and barely any rain. The Daytime highs are around 80¬įF (26¬įC), and lows can be around 50¬įF (15¬įC).

    Carnivaland recommends tours, events and accommodation based on our extensive experience and knowledge of them. We may earn affiliate commission from affiliate links in this article. Read more about our policy.


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