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Your Guide to Carnivals around the World


Carnaval de Nuneaton

🇬🇧 Nuneaton Carnival

  United Kingdom, Nuneaton

Nuneaton Carnival brings the whole community together for a fun day out that also raises money for much needed causes!
Carnaval de Woodley

🇬🇧 Woodley Carnival

  United Kingdom, Woodley

Woodley Community Carnival is an annual carnival that is all about uniting the community. It is a day of fun, joy and community spirit
Carnaval de Bishop’s Stortford
Bishop's Stortford

🇬🇧 Bishop’s Stortford Carnival

  United Kingdom, Bishop's Stortford
  June 1, 2024 · June 30, 2024

Bishop’s Stortford Carnival is an annual carnival that is all about uniting the community. It is a day of fun, joy and community spirit.
Carnaval de Bridgwater

🇬🇧 Bridgwater Carnival

  United Kingdom, Bridgwater
  November 4, 2023 · 

Bridgwater Carnival is one of the most unique carnivals in the UK! It is an illuminated carnival that will absolutely blow you away!
Carnaval de Preston

🇬🇧 Preston Caribbean Carnival

  United Kingdom, Preston

Preston Caribbean Carnival brings Preston to life with all things Caribbean. It is a great carnival for the whole community to enjoy whilst embracing Caribbean culture and heritage!
Carnaval Caribeño de Leicester

🇬🇧 Leicester Caribbean Carnival

  United Kingdom, Leicester
  August 1, 2024 · August 31, 2024

Leicester Caribbean Carnival is a vibrant display of Caribbean culture and heritage which takes place in Leicester!
Festival de Brazilica de Liverpool

🇬🇧 Liverpool Brazilica Festival

  United Kingdom, Liverpool
  July 1, 2024 · July 31, 2024

Liverpool comes alive with the sound of samba this summer when one of the city’s cultural highlights the Liverpool Brazilica Festival returns this July!
Carnaval de la Isla de Wight

🇬🇧 Isle of Wight Mardi Gras

  United Kingdom, Isle of Wight
  June 29, 2024 · June 30, 2024

Isle of Wight Mardi Gras has something different and attracting that you only can experience it visiting this magical Island.
Carnaval de Northampton

🇬🇧 Northampton Carnival

  United Kingdom, Northampton

Northampton Carnival is a fun filled carnival celebration for the whole family! It is an incredible day where you can watch the amazing parade or watch some free concerts, go on some rides, eat delicious food from around the world and have fun with the community.
carnaval internacional luton

🇬🇧 Luton International Carnival

  United Kingdom, Luton
  May 1, 2024 · May 31, 2024

Luton International Carnival is an annual carnival celebration in Luton. It is the biggest one day carnival celebration! It is the UK’s second biggest carnival after Notting Hill.
carnaval whitley bay

🇬🇧 Whitley Bay Carnival

  United Kingdom, Whitley Bay

Whitley Bay Carnival is fun for the entire family to enjoy. Filled with lots of live music, entertainment, food and drink vendors and of course a colourful parade.
Carnaval del Orgullo de Birmingham

🇬🇧 Birmingham Pride Carnival

  United Kingdom, Birmingham
  May 25, 2024 · May 26, 2024

Birmingham Pride is a carnival celebration that celebrates love. It is a LGBTQ+ celebration that attracts around 75,000 people who come out to celebrate. Here is everything you need to know about attending Birmingham Pride.

Your Guide to Carnivals around the World

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