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🇬🇧 Leicester Caribbean Carnival

➤ Leicester, UK, Europe
➤ 31 July 2021

Home Carnivals 🇬🇧 Leicester Caribbean Carnival

🇬🇧 Leicester Caribbean Carnival

➤ Leicester, UK, Europe
➤ 31 July 2021

Leicester Caribbean Carnival is a vibrant display of Caribbean culture and heritage which takes place in Leicester!



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When is the Leicester Caribbean Carnival 2021?

Leicester Caribbean Carnival takes place in August to commemorate the emancipation of slavery in the West Indies, which took place on the 1st August 1834. The 2021 Leicester Caribbean Carnival date is the 31st July, 2021.

What is carnival in Leicester?

leicester carnival

Leicester Caribbean Carnival is a lively and vibrant celebration of Caribbean culture and heritage! In fact Leicester Caribbean Carnival is one of the largest Caribbean Carnivals in all of the UK! The celebration evolved from the city’s unique mix of Caribbean cultures. It is a celebration of all things Caribbean – food, music, dance, arts, crafts and more!

Leicester Caribbean Carnival is a multicultural event that allows the community to experience the diverse lifestyles and cultures that are unique to the Leicester Community.  Leicester Caribbean Carnival is something to behold. The city is filled with the sound of drums, calypso, soca, reggae, banjos, feathers, glitter, beads, sequins and happy people dancing to day away!

Leicester Caribbean Carnival has two parts – the carnival parade that is filled with floats, troupes, dancers and performers. The other part is the live performances and street vendors selling arts, crafts and food from all around the world. Over 80,000 people come from across the UK to celebrate this spectacular event!

leicester carnival

Where is the Leicester Caribbean Carnival?

Leicester is a city located in the East Midlands of England. The Carnival Village will be held at:

Victoria Park

Leicester, LE1 7RY

leicester carnival village

How do they celebrate Leicester Caribbean Carnival?

Leicester Caribbean Carnival is an vibrant event that can be described as one monumental party! Carnival is celebrated with a lively colourful parade, elaborate costumes, after parties, pageants, catchy Caribbean tunes,  non-stop dancing, mouth-watering street food and awesome!

Running alongside the Leicester Caribbean Carnival each year are a number of workshops, educational schemes and group projects. Many of these are provided for young people with the aim of providing a deeper understanding of black cultural history and personal identity.

What is the history of Leicester Caribbean Carnival?

leicester carnival

Leicester Caribbean Carnival has been celebrated for over 30 years!! It was first held in 1985 and has since grown to become one of the largest Caribbean Carnivals in the UK! The idea started back in the 80s by a group of Caribbean people to promote integration and togetherness as well as be an outlet of artistic expression and cultural understanding for the Leicester community.

Leicester Caribbean Carnival Parade

leicester carnival

Leicester Caribbean Carnival is the main attraction of carnival! Troupes from across the UK come to perform at this carnival. The parade features performers, dancers and musicians. The parade is led by the Leicester Carnival Queen. It marches through Leicester to cheering crowds of around 80,000!

The streets are filled with masquerades dressed in the most stunning costumes representing Leicester’s multi-cultural community. Tireless work and loads of creativity go into making these spectacular costumes! It doesn’t matter if you are participating in the parade or cheering from the sideline you and guaranteed to have so much fun!

Leicester Caribbean Carnival Parade Route

leicester carnival parade route

Leicester Caribbean Carnival Fun Fair & Entertainment

Leicester Caribbean Carnival is an explosion of culture. In addition to the parade there is lots of entertainment and concerts live on stage featuring regional and local talent that will keep the crowds popping from start to finish. There is also lots of fun activities for the whole family from workshops, rides, a wide range of stalls with delicious food, drinks, Arts & Crafts vendors from all over the world.

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Leicester Caribbean Carnival Schedule –Saturday 31st July 2021

leicester carnival

The following is an estimated carnival schedule for 2021 Leicester Caribbean Carnival. We will update when official times are released. 

  • 6am – 9:30am – Vendor Registrations
  • 9am – 11am – Line up of Costumed bands & Floats in preparation for the Carnival Day Parade
  • 11:00am – Gates open to the Public, Carnival Day activities begin at Carnival Village, Victoria Park
  • Midday – Interlude of Music at Granville Road
  • 12:30pm – Official Opening Ceremony at Granville Road Entrance to Victoria Park
  • 1pm – Carnival Parade begins leaving Granville Road for the City Centre
  • 2pm – Main Stage Programme of activities begin
  • 4pm – Parade Returns to Carnival Village, Victoria Park
  • 8pm – Carnival Day activities end 

How to get to Leicester?

leicester carnival

The UK has an excellent transportation system with lots of buses and trains connecting between most cities. If you are coming from further away you can either fly to Birmingham International Airport, London Stansted or London Luton which all have direct trains heading to Leicester.

Where to stay in Leicester

There are plenty of accommodations in Leicester to suit all budgets and levels of comfort please check out some options here.

What to do and see in Leicester

leicester carnival

Leicester is a city that is packed with loads to see and do, whatever the weather! It has loads of top restaurants, excellent family attractions, museums, art galleries, excellent shopping and great bars. You could travel back in time on a steam train or explore a stately home. Or you could hire a boat on the Grand Union Canal or explore the countryside.

There is so much to see and do! For more information about tours, things to do, sightseeing tours, day trips and more click here.

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