Welcome to Germany

Germany a place synonymous with beer, football, sausages, seriousness, dirndls, castles, yodelling, oompah music, pretzels, strudel and wild techno music. Few countries have has as much of an impact on the World as Germany. Skipping past the war, it has given us Martin Luther, Albert Einstein, Beethoven, Brothers Grimm, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, aspirin, MP3 tech and so much more.

Germany is blessed with some of the world’s most soul-stirring scenery! You have incredible castles like the Neuschwanstein Castle which the Disney Castle was modelled off. As well as moody forests, flower-filled meadows, mighty rivers, stunning Alps, half-timbered villages, big cities, incredible churches and cathedrals and gorgeous river valleys. There is also a vibrant international music, art and fashion scene.

The Germans love carnival! They call carnival their fifth season because it is the time of year when they will get wild, feast and drinking lots of beers. Some carnivals are very traditional and date back to pagan rituals. Others are big and wild parties like Cologne Carnival. Carnival is celebrated with parades, parties, music, balls and dressing up in costumes.

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