Czech Republic

Welcome to the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a small landlocked country sitting in the middle of Europe. Famous for their awesome capital city Prague, Pilsner beer and a whole multitude of historical landmarks. Being Bohemian here is more than just being cool, its actually their history as the country was once known as the Kingdom of Bohemia until it became Czechoslovakia after WW1. Since the fall of communism in 1989, this country has transformed into one of Europe’s most popular destinations.

Most visits to the country start with Prague, the epicentre of Czech culture and one of the coolest cities in Europe. With its intact medieval Gothic architecture you can feel like you have gone back in time 500 years. Prague offers way more than history it’s a super trendy, hip metropolis with great restaurants, bars and an epic nightlife.

Outside Prague, Czech has some serious natural beauty there are countless rivers, lakes, mountains, caves and forests. Including Prague there are so many UNESCO protected monuments, cities and villages from castles to churches and chateaux’s.  While this may be a modern country it is still rich in tradition with a thriving folk culture which is on full display in their carnival celebrations, which here is known as Masopust!

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