Welcome to Europe

Europe is a continent with epic history, natural beauty, incredible art and architecture, culinary diversity and an incredible mix of cultures. Europe is entirely located in the Northern Hemisphere and for the most part in the Eastern Hemisphere.

There are 50 countries in Europe with a total population of just over 500 million! There is something magical about this continent that attracts another 460 million visitors each year! Europe has no shortage of incredible cities, sights, castles or landmarks to see, people to meet and new adventures to be had.

Europe’s cultural heritage is its biggest draw and it has no shortage of attractions from the floating city of Venice, the Renaissance art of Florence, Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona, Napoleonic splendour of Paris, ruins of Roman empire in Rome, the birthplace of democracy in Athens, the Moorish palaces in Andalucía or historic London to name some of the biggest drawcards.

Europe is also home to some of the most breathtaking scenery imaginable! In the North you have the blue lagoon, black beaches, ice caves, stunning waterfalls and landscapes of Iceland. Or head to Norway where the Svalbard is an artic wonderland filled with glaciers, polar bears and reindeers. You can watch the northern lights in Finland or head to the beautiful yet remote Greenland, the worlds largest island if you remember Australia is technically a continent.

Head down south a little where you will find lavender fields in France, the mystical Black Forest in Germany, the beautiful rivers like the Rhine or the Loire river which is surrounded by vine growing valleys. The stunning Cliffs of Moher in Ireland and for mountain lovers you have the Alps which stretch across France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Liechtenstein. Or beautiful beaches and islands all throughout the Mediterranean like the Balearics islands in Spain or stunning Greek Islands.

Europe is also full of tradition and one of those traditions is carnival which has deep roots in Europe. Carnival stretches back to ancient Rome and Greece and Pagan tribes throughout Europe who used to celebrate the end of winter. Carnival is celebrated in cities, towns and villages all across Europe and some of these celebrations have changed very little in hundreds of years. You have the famous Venice Carnival which is known for its elegance, the wild carnivals in Spain like Tenerife, or Nice Carnival which is one of the largest in the world.

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