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Copenhagen Carnival moves Brazil to Copenhagen for biggest party of the year! Here is everything you need to know about celebrating carnival in Copenhagen.


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    When is the Copenhagen Carnival?

    Copenhagen Carnival is held in the springtime because the weather tends to be warmer and the evenings are longer. Copenhagen carnival runs for three days, always Friday to Sunday during the Whitsun Holiday. The 2024 dates for the Copenhagen Carnival are Friday May 17 2024 – Sunday May 19, 2024. 

    What is carnival in Copenhagen?

    copenhagen carnival

    Copenhagen Carnival is a carnival celebration that takes place yearly over the course of three days during the Whitsun Holiday in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark. It occurs on the streets of Copenhagen and in Faelledparken. Copenhagen Carnival is a relative newcomer to the carnival scene with the first celebration occurring in 1982.

    Over the decades the carnival has grown into the largest carnival in Denmark attracting 100,000 spectators and featuring 2000 dancers. The carnival got its influence from Brazil and their samba carnivals. Copenhagen Carnival is three days of parades and events that focus on world music and samba!

    The Copenhagen Carnival has also grown into one of the largest World Music Festivals and features over 120 music groups, orchestras and musicians each year.

    How do they celebrate the Copenhagen Carnival?

    copenhagen carnival

    The Copenhagen Carnival features everything a carnival needs including parades, colourful costumes, dancing groups, musicians, floats and live music. Copenhagen Carnival is an explosion of colour, sparkles, samba and fun!

    Because the Copenhagen Carnival has been inspired by Brazil’s Samba Carnival’s they also have samba schools, samba drummers, samba music, samba dance shows, samba dance lessons and lots more samba related activities and events.

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    There is also a Copenhagen Kids Carnival where the kids give the adults a run for their money marching in the parade. There is also lots of entertainment for the kids including clowns, face painting and competitions.

    What is the history of Copenhagen Carnival?

    copenhagen carnival

    Copenhagen Carnival is a baby compared to some of its European counterparts. The first carnival was only held in 1982 with the theme of “the street is the scene and you’re the guru!” The carnival was had 500 dancers and attracted over 60,000 spectators!

    The first Copenhagen Carnival was organised by the ‘Carnival in May’ association The founder had experienced carnival in the West Indies and was impressed by the joy and imagination that the carnival created in the community.

    Samba in Denmark

    copenhagen carnival

    The Brazilian Samba culture entered Denmark in 1982 and took of quickly. Since the first celebration the Samba culture has taken on a life of its own and evolved into something that is uniquely and distinctively Danish. Throughout Copenhagen are several samba schools which perform in the parades.

    Copenhagen Carnival World Music Festival

    Over the years the Copenhagen Carnival developed into the biggest celebration of World Music in Denmark. The main Copenhagen Carnival Parade occurs on Saturday and the following day you can see the music performances at Fælledparken. 

    Today over 120 groups and 2000 artists perform during Copenhagen Carnival. The Copenhagen Carnival features a fundamental concentration of world music that is varied so you can hear anything from samba to salsa to steelpan music.


    copenhagen carnival

    Fælledparken is the main venue for the Copenhagen Carnival. It features eight different stages all dedicated to different world music genres. While the carnival is dedicated to world music there is also an electronics stage playing.

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    Along with the live music shows there is lots of fun workshops, market stalls and exhibitions. There are also heaps of activities for the whole family.

    Copenhagen Carnival Parade

    The Copenhagen Carnival Parade occurs on the Saturday morning of Copenhagen Carnival. It starts at Kongens Nytorv and parades along to City Hall Square, passing by Stroget Road. The Parades are an important part of the carnival celebration. The parade attracts 100,000 spectators and along with the thousands of performers it is a fun day.

    It is a colourful parade filled with costumes, floats, musicians and dancers. The parade actually features a mix of amateur carnival groups and professional samba groups. You will also see some steelpan bands and lots of samba music.

    Copenhagen Carnival After Party

    This is a wild party that will be held at Teglværket! It is a packed event that with a sea of artists, awesome costumes, bars, food stalls, drinks, private beach and dancing until the morning. Brazil is brought to Copenhagen!

    Copenhagen Children’s Carnival

    There is also a Copenhagen Kids Carnival where the kids give the adults a run for their money marching in the parade along with their mums and dads. In Fælledparken there is also lots of fun activities and entertainment for the kids and families including clowns, face painting and competitions.

    How much does the Copenhagen Carnival Cost?

    copenhagen carnival

    The Copenhagen Carnival is completely free to attend! However, you need to purchase a ticket to go to the pre and after party! The Pre-Party and After-Party cost DKK 100 if purchased prior to the event, and SEK 150 at the door.

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    What to wear to Copenhagen?

    A celebration of cultures from all around the world.  The parades are colourful AF, with women dressed in colourful and elaborate feather headdresses and bejewelled bras. You don’t need to dress like the people in the parade but why not wear some playful pieces that will help you stand out from the crowds. It’s the time to let your imagination one wild and get creative and wear something fun. Remember though to wear comfortable shoes as you will be on your feet all day long!

    How to get to Copenhagen?

    copenhagen carnival

    Denmark is located in Northern Europe. Copenhagen has a major airport Copenhagen Airport that has hundreds of international and domestic flights.

    Denmark also has an excellent and well-connected bus and train network and of course if you are coming from nearby, you can always drive.

    Where to stay for the Copenhagen Carnival Cost?

    Copenhagen has no shortage of places to stay it’s with everything from 1-5-star accommodation for all levels of comfort and budget. We recommend staying close to Fælledparken if you want to be close to the carnival.

    Please check booking.com for out some accommodation deals close to carnival here.

    Book your Hotel and Flight for the Copenhagen Carnival


    What to do and see in Copenhagen

    copenhagen carnival

    Copenhagen is the epitome of Scandinavian cool! Incredible architecture, a rich history, modernist designs, bridges buzzing with cycling commuters, pristine waterways, great night life, excellent restaurants it’s no wonder that Copenhagen regularly tops the worlds livability lists!

    In fact, Copenhagen is one of the worlds cleanest greenest and most sustainable urban centres! If you’re a foodie then this Danish capital has no less than 15 Michelin starred restaurants. The city is filled with cultural riches from Viking treasures, Royal Palaces, an incredible art collection and so many historic sights.

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    Top Things to do in Copenhagen on Viator

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    Location Map

    Table of Contents
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