Central America

Welcome to Central America

Central America is a tiny stretch of land that connects North and South America. It is made up of seven tiny countries including Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. The language and cultural heritage of these countries is very similar to South America and Mexico. Central America is home for around 42 million people.

This skinny belt of islands and countries may be tiny on the map but it is jam packed with gems. Sitting between the Pacific on the left and the Caribbean on the right it is filled with over 300 volcanos, mysterious Mayan ruins, rainforests, Spanish Architecture, all manner of wildlife, incredible food, white sand beaches, the second biggest barrier reef in the world, world class surf breaks and tropical islands.

Central America is also home to the incredible Maya civilisation. Mayan ruins are sprawled across the land from Honduras all the way up to Mexico. These ancient ruins help you connect with a mysterious and ancient civilisation that goes back 4000 years. You can visit the incredible lost temples of Tikal which sit in the Guatemalan jungle, or head to Copan to see incredible carved jaguars.

Central America is home to a diverse mix of culture’s and people. The Spanish left their mark on this land with gorgeous colonial buildings, cathedrals and plazas dotted throughout. Not to mention a love of beauty contests and having a siesta. Spanish is also the predominant language, but there are more than 20 Maya languages still spoken. African culture permeates along the Caribbean coast where seafood gumbo, soca and reggae can all be enjoyed. 

Carnival season around the world is one of the most eagerly awaited times of the year and Central America is no different. There are carnival celebrations in every country of central America. They take place everywhere, in small villages, towns to big cities. While the local customs may be different between each country they all celebrate their own cultural and folk traditions. Carnival in Central America is about drinking, feasting, dancing, music, parades, costumes and parties.

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