Everything you need to know about the Casanova Grand Ball at Venice Carnival

The Grand Masquerade Ball of Casanova is one of the most sophisticated private parties in the world, it takes place in a Venice palace, find out.
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    On the 22nd February 2020, the final Saturday of Venice Carnival, Atlier Marega invites you to be part of one of the most anticipated and exclusive events of Venice Carnival – the Casanova Grand Carnival Ball! Taking place in the jaw dropping setting of Palazzo Zeno in Venice, you are guaranteed an unforgettable evening full of magic, mystery and excitement!

    The Casanova Grand Ball is something that everyone must experience at least once in a lifetime. It will transport you back in time and let you experience how Casanova himself would have celebrated Carnival, during a period when carnival used to last 6 months and masks were used to conceal your identity and sins.

    Dressing up in a beautiful period costume and attending this lavish masked ball held in a beautiful Venetian Palace will really make you feel like a Venetian nobleman or woman. You will be able to re-experience the excesses, emotions, passion, excitement, forbidden pleasures and practices that were experienced during carnivals of the past.

    The Casanova Grand Ball features a sumptuous dinner, world class entertainment, live music and a DJ that will guarantee non-stop dancing, late into the night. Artists and entertainers will wow you with the most overwhelming shows, daring performances and loving exhibitions. This is without a doubt one of the most exotic, lavish and high-octane Masquerade Balls at Venice Carnival.

    Inspired by Casanova

    casanova grand ball

    The Ball is inspired by the romantic legend of Giacomo Casanova, it is all about seducing your senses! Few Venetians are as famous as Casanova, he was an adventurer, a man of great culture, a poet, a biographer, a devoted military man, a fine artist, but above all he was a man of love! Love was the essence of his life, and who is better than him to show you a good time and give you one of the most memorable nights of your life!

    Casanova lived in Venice during the XVIII century. Back then, Venice was the European capital for fun and living the good life, “la dolce vita”. Casanova reflected many aspects of Venice culture like love, adventure and art. Forever known as the a seducer, he loved many women and all loved him back. He lived a crazy life travelling all over Europe and met everybody who was anybody during that period like Catherine the Great.

    Even today, 275 years later, the wonderful, seductive and wild spirit of Casanova permeates the air. Atelier Marega invites you to take part in this year’s extraordinary masked ball. The theme for this year is the Scent of a Woman. You will be taken on an exciting journey of pleasure, passion and love, while honouring the many diverse and complex facets of women.

    Where does the Grand Casanova Ball take place?

    casanova grand ball

    The Casanova Grand Ball takes place in one of the most magnificent and picturesque settings in Venice, the noble Venetian Palace Ca’ Zeno, overlooking the canal of San Stin, and in close proximity to the Basilica dei Frari.

    Palazzo Zen is one of the finest examples of a 15th century Venetian noble residence. All the interior rooms are decorated or frescoed by many of the greatest artists of that period. Today the palace is still owned by the Zeno family, who are one of the longest-lived and wealthiest families in the history of the Serenissima Republic. 

    Why you must attend event!

    casanova grand ball

    • This is without doubt one of the most exciting and anticipated parties of Venice Carnival!
    • You get to experience what it was like to be a rich aristocrat in the Serenissima Republic and experience what it was like to celebrate carnival during a period when Venice was the capital for fun and living the good life!
    • You can indulge in unrestrained fun whilst disguised behind the anonymity of your costume and re-experience the excess, excitement and emotions of carnival.
    • There is incredible entertainment with shows, live music, a sumptuous dinner and then finish the night dancing away to the non-stop hits from a DJ.
    • Your night takes place in a historic Venetian Palace that is one of the most gorgeous, elegant and magnificent buildings in Venice.
    • You are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience that is like no other. It is the ultimate heightened and fantasy escape from the everyday world.

    Casanova Grand Ball 2020 Program

    casanova grand ball

    • 20:00 the doors to Palazzo Cà Zen open and welcome drinks are served in the magnificent Palazzo Zen’s courtyard. During the Welcome Cocktails guests will be entertained by a dazzling array of performances by many high-end artists.
    • 21:00 will see the start of the Gala Dinner which is a delicious feast of Venetian delicacies. During the Gala Dinner, talented artists will delight the guests with an incredible array of shows and live music. There will be exotic dancers, musicians, fortune tellers, forbidden games, theatre shows and many other surprises for the guests.
    • 23:30, the Masquerade Grand Ball will begin in the Palazzo Zen’s disco. This will feature an open bar, a DJ music mix, non-stop dancing until late and the sweet Venetian delicacies frittolle and Galani. There is also a lounge area where guests can take some timeout to relax.

    Casanova Grand Ball 2020 Tickets

    You can choose between four ticket options:

    Main Hall Full Ticket

    • Entry to Palazzo Cà Zen at 8.00pm – Welcome cocktail + welcome show
    • Gala dinner in the main hall
    • An incredible variety of entertainment during the gala dinner
    • Masked ball
    • Open bar
    • Frittole and Galani (Delicious Venetian Carnival Desserts)

    Side Hall Full Ticket

    • Entry to Palazzo Cà Zen at 8.00pm – Welcome cocktail + welcome show
    • Gala Dinner in the main hall
    • An incredible variety of entertainment during the gala dinner
    • Masked ball
    • Open bar
    • Frittole and Galani (Delicious Venetian Carnival Desserts)

    After Dinner Ticket

    • Entry to Palazzo Cà Zen from 11.30 pm
    • Entertainment
    • Dancing night
    • Open bar
    • Frittolle and galani (Delicious Venetian Carnival Desserts)

    Full Ticket Main Hall with Costume

    • Everything that the Main Hall Full Ticket includes
    • One complete costume with accessories

    Early Bird Ticket Prices – Until 15th October, 2019

    • Full Ticket Main Hall- € 600,00
    • Full Ticket Side Hall – € 400,00
    • After Dinner Ticket – € 200,00
    • Full Ticket Main Hall with Costume – € 1100,00

    Full Ticket Prices – After 15th October, 2019

    • Full Ticket Main Hall- € 750,00
    • Full Ticket Side Hall –  € 500,00
    • After Dinner Ticket – € 200,00
    • Full Ticket Main Hall with Costume – € 1250,00

    Cancellation policy

    Unfortunately, tickets are non-refundable and no refund can be offered if you want to cancel your booking or in the event of a no show, due to our partner’s policy.


    casanova grand ball

    • Entrance to the Palace
    • Welcome Cocktail
    • Performances, live entertainment
    • DJ music mix
    • Open Bar
    • Carnival desserts
    • Other inclusions depending on the selected ticket


    • Hotel Pick-up/Drop-off

    Essential Information

    casanova grand ball

    • Strict Dress code: historical costumes are mandatory!
    • When booking please state your dietary preferences and any allergies or intolerances that you may have, aka vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, nut allergy, etc.
    • Early Bird Tickets are only available until the 15th October, 2019. After this date full ticket prices will be charged
    • To respect the privacy policy we must inform you that during this event will be realized video and photoshoots
    • For Full Ticket Holders, the doors of Palazzo Zen will open at 20:00. For After Dinner Ticket Holders, the doors of Palazzo Zen will open from 23:30.
    • You must provide a copy of your voucher to staff before entering the Palace
    • All tickets are NON REFUNDABLE!

    Dress Code – Period Costume

    casanova grand ball

    The dress code for the Casanova Grand Ball is full historical costume with mask. This is mandatory, please note evening dresses and tuxedos will not be permitted. Our advice is to select the Full Ticket with Costume Package when purchasing your ticket to receive a beautiful handmade costume from Atelier Marega.

    Atelier Marega offers the most exquisite, made to measure, hand-sewn and original 18th and 19th century Venetian costumes. Featuring precious high-end fabrics adorned with lace, brocades, pearls and gibbos. Everyone of Atelier Marega creations are stunning! They also provide all required accessories like shoes, wigs, capes and hats which are available for sale or rent.

    Due to Hygiene reasons Masks must be brought and not rented. Their masks are completely hand made in store by authentic Venetian artisans. Atelier Marega is one of the few remaining places in Venice that have continued to handcraft carnival marks in the traditional manner. By preserving this ancient Venetian art you end up with top quality authentic Venetian masks.

    Read more about Venice Carnival here.


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    Table of Contents
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