🇬🇩 Carriacou Carnival

In the middle of the Caribbean Sea, but dependent on Grenada, Carriacou is an island that celebrates carnival in the best style of street dancing and where bright colors are the protagonists.


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    When is the Carnival of Carriacou 2021?

    The Carriacou carnival was scheduled to be held on February 15th and 16th, 2021, but the Coronavirus pandemic has forced it to be suspended. In this festival, different cultural traditions, island music, food with various spices and the joy of the residents and those who visit the island to enjoy the moment are mixed.

    Despite being an island, it is usually very frequented by tourists who are attracted by the intense blue of its beaches and the flora and fauna on its land.

    Where is the Carriacou carnival?

    carriacou carnival crazy

    The island of Carriacou, also referred to as Cariobacú, is the epicenter of this event that takes place in February and every time it feels much more charged with joy and emotion.

    This island is located in the Caribbean Sea but depends on Grenada and has an estimated population of 6,063 inhabitants, according to a 2001 census.

    Carriacou’s climate varies between 26 ° C between January and February, and 28 ° C from July to November, making it an island with the perfect temperature for swimming all year round.

    Most tourists who visit the town prefer it for snorkeling, among other water activities.

    What is the Carriacou carnival?

    carriacou carnival party

    The Carriacou carnival is one of the most authentic in the world, as it surpasses fantasy and exposes creativity and joy in the costumes worn by the participants, inspired by the work of the renowned Shakespeare.

    For this celebration, not only do they dress up and parade through its streets with the colorful costumes they make, they also perform traditional games to enjoy during the two days of the festival.

    Despite being little time to celebrate, locals and visitors live this carnival in style, because during those days not only the joy is felt but the kindness of the islanders, who know how to make their tourists feel at home. .

    How do they celebrate carnival in Carriacou?

    carriacou carnival tradition

    Carriacou is one of the islands that celebrates carnival in one of the most joyful and exciting ways that there can be, during this date various characters stand out such as Jab Jab, which is a man covered in black oil and uses a helmet with long horns, some hang heavy chains around their necks and carry a stick as a defense.

    There are those who prefer to paint their body in cheerful colors and use a mask so that they are not recognized.

    For this celebration, a dramatization is carried out called “Shakespeare Mas”, where the tragedy of the renowned Julius Caesar is recited.

    Two rivals are the protagonists of a verbal combat where they compete for who can recite the most lines of the work without making a mistake, they do not follow the original plot and neither do they follow a single character, they usually exchange one by one.

    The rivals, while reciting, have a whip in their hand, whoever makes a mistake will receive a blow from the opponent, the winner of this fight becomes the king of the carnival for that year.

    They use this somewhat aggressive method to test the skills and memory of the participants. Once the winner is established, he will march accompanied by whoever wishes in search of a previous champion but in another town on the island.

    At night, Monday Night Mas is held, where all those present use electric colored wands, which give it a party atmosphere and joy at the moment. They also meet to freely recite the story of Julius Caesar, but without any punishment involved, they only accompany the moment by drinking brandy.

    Shrove Tuesday closes with the Fancy Mas, where women parade their fancy costumes with bright colors, which are loaded with stones and feathers alluding to the season.

    The development of these costumes requires a long time in advance, which makes the excitement when February arrives even greater, since everyone will be able to see the works they were working hard day and night on.

    During these two days of celebration, island music, calypso and soca is heard in each of the streets of the island, which motivates anyone to enjoy the atmosphere and let themselves be carried away by the emotion with which the Carriacou carnival is impregnated.

    The neighbors usually get together to prepare a completely varied gastronomy together with natural condiments, which generally come loaded with the African seal, as it is the nationality of most of them. Wow!

    Origins of the Carriacou carnival

    carriacou carnival parade

    The Carriacou carnival was born by the influence of the Africans and the British colony, since the island belonged to them in the past, but today it is under the command of Granada.

    The mixture of African culture caused most of the current inhabitants of the island to be of this origin, which has allowed celebrations such as carnival to prevail.

    Carriacou Carnival Program 2021

    The Coronavirus pandemic has caused the cancellation of various events worldwide and the Carriacou carnival is no exception.In mid-November, the Prime Minister, Keith Mitchell, notified that he did not consider it feasible to hold the holiday for 2021, despite that a vaccine may already be available on the market.

    The prime minister recognized the importance of this activity, but pointed out that any event that promotes mass gatherings, such as carnival, goes against the recommended health protocols to avoid a growth of the pandemic.

    How to get to Carriacou?

    carriacou carnival jouvert

    The island of Carriacou is not an easily accessible destination, you must first get to Granada, which you can only do by plane, generally, making a stopover in Port of Spain, or a Caribbean country. When you get to Granada you can take a ferry or a plane, which are the only means that will allow you to get to Carriacou. It is necessary to take provisions regarding the money that you will take to the island, since the currency of Grenada and Carriacou is the Eastern Caribbean dollar, so you must change it beforehand.

    Book your Hotel and Flight for the Carriacou Carnival

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    Where to stay in Carriacou?

    After such a busy day as those experienced during the Carriacou carnival, it is necessary to have a lodging place that provides comfort and convenience, that is why we present the following options:

    • The Mermaid Beach Hotel: Options and good service is the main objective of The Mermaid Beach Hotel, as it seeks that its clients feel comfortable while they are on the island and thus want to return. Each of its rooms has air conditioning, refrigerator, cable TV and free WiFi, and you can also choose to have a view of the sea or the city.
    • Hotel Carriacou: The best option to rest after a day at the beach is the Hotel Carriacou, which has spacious rooms, which adapt to any need that may arise while traveling. Best of all: it is located a few meters from the sea.
    • Cherry Hill Apartment: It is a villa that has rooms fully equipped and conditioned to your needs, it is surrounded by greenery, so heat will not be a problem. Sensational!
    • Windmill Villa Hotel: The design of this huge villa will immediately draw you in, making you feel like you’re living a dream. Its independent rooms have a fully equipped kitchen, as well as satellite TV, air conditioning and free WiFi. Do not look any further!
    • Hotel Laurena: The Hotel Laurena offers privacy to each one of its visitors, as it is far from the tourist sites but with easy access. As if that were not enough, it has a multipurpose room where you can hold events with up to 200 guests. Incredible!

    What to do and see at the Carriacou carnival?

    carriacou carnival beach

    One of the main attractions of Carriacou are its beaches, as they have such an intense blue that it surprises anyone, below we will tell you a little about some of them:

    • Paradise Beach: A narrow row of white sand surrounds Paradise Beach, a wonderful place to relax and forget the exhaustion of everyday life. This beach is ideal to visit with children, as it has little depth, which allows you to spend the hours you want in the water.
    • Sandy Island: Surrounded by bushes and coconut trees and in front of Paradise Beach, is Sandy Island, the best beach in Carriacou to enjoy the sunset while listening to the waves of the sea. This beach can only be accessed by boat, which you must hire and establish the return time, as it does not have a space to spend the night.
    • Anse la Roche: If you are looking for a lonely beach, where you can relax just listening to the waves of the sea and the singing of the birds, you should visit Anse la Roche, which is far from the other beaches. It is an ideal space to practice snorkeling or just enjoy the view that can be seen in its surroundings, in addition to the majestic flora that it has.
    • High North Peak: 290 meters make up the High North Peak hill where you can go hiking after a wonderful day at the beach. This small mountain has a dry forest, so it is recommended to do the tour accompanied by hydration and in company.
    • Petit Carenage Beach: The ideal place to enjoy sea turtles is Petit Carenage Beach, as it is one of the main nesting points for this peculiar animal. Amazing!

    Is it a safe city?

    The crime rate is low, so tourists can feel safe while visiting Carriacou, but thefts of bags and other personal items are often very common, so they must be kept safe and out of sight.

    Taxi drivers that belong to the Granada Taxi Association have additional training, so they are trained in any eventuality that may arise.

    It is advisable to avoid walking on the beaches without company, as it becomes much easier to assault or attack people, since they are defenseless.

    Tourists are recommended to keep their identity documents, such as passports, in the facilities of the place where they are staying, as they will not be necessary on a day-to-day basis.

    What to eat in Carriacou?

    When visiting Carriacou for its carnival festival, you cannot miss the dishes with the authentic Mediterranean stamp that will make you vibrate with excitement and pleasure. These are some of the restaurants where you can fully live the experience:

    • Green Roof Inn: To taste an excellent lobster pasta you should visit Green Roof Inn, a restaurant that also offers lodging service if you want to have everything in one place. From its facilities you can enjoy a magical direct view of the sea, which makes anyone fall in love. Get to know them!
    • Bogles Round House: You can get the best international and Caribbean food in this place, as its extensive menu will make your mouth water just by reading their options. As if that were not enough, they offer vegan options. Fantastic!
    • Kayak Kafe & Juice Bar: The energy of the sea is felt in each of the dishes served at Kayak Kafe & Juice Bar, which produces a sensation of flavors that have no comparison, in addition, just steps away you can enjoy the beach from Hillsborough. Dreamlike!
    • Slipway Restaurant: When it comes to options, the best idea is to visit Slipway Restaurant, where you will get Caribbean and international dishes, with their original flavor and full quality products. Do not miss it!
    • Paradise Beach Club: If you love to eat while you visualize the sea and listen to the waves crashing between them, you cannot miss the Paradise Beach Club, where quality and good service are felt at all times. This fantastic place can become your ally if you plan to surprise someone with an evening on the shore of the beach while your palate explodes in flavor and sensations.

    Undoubtedly, the Carriacou carnival will make everyone who decides to live them enjoy themselves. Dare yourself!


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    Location Map

    Table of Contents
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