Welcome to Jamaica

One Love! Jamaica this Caribbean Island in the sun has gifted the world with its incredible music. It is a country that has an abundance of natural beauty, glorious sunshine and warm friendly people. Jamaica is the fourth largest island in the Caribbean and sits about 90 miles south of Cuba and 120 miles west of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Jamaica is an insanely beautiful island that is a kaleidoscope of colours, from the green jungles to the crystal clear blue waters. Jamaica is crammed with natural beauty from tumbling waterfalls, to gorgeous beaches, to mountains, coral reefs, forests to lush banana groves. With such welcoming locals, no place on earth feels like Jamaica.

Jamaican culture has been spread all over the world. Ultimately Jamaican music is the farthest reaching element of Jamaican culture, thanks to Bob Marley and other great musicians, reggae and dancehall is loved around the world. In Jamaica, the culture is all about appreciating this green garden island!

Carnival in Jamaica is about one thing….having the time of your life! Jamaica Carnival is the ultimate party. Jamaica Carnival is true expression of the island’s spirit where people both young and old spend months preparing for the party of the year!

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