Welcome to Aruba

Aruba is called the happiest island in the world! One visit to this tiny island and you will find out why! Aruba is a Dutch-flavoured islands that sits in the South of the Caribbean. Aruba is not a tropical paradise like one would expect when thinking of a Caribbean Island. Instead Aruba actually has an arid desert-like climate, you are more likely to see a cactus growing than a palm tree.

Aruba is a popular tourist destination because of its friendly locals, miles of white-sand beaches, windswept vistas, year round sun, its location outside of the Hurricane zone, coral reefs, crystal clear waters and other natural wonders. Snorkelling, scuba diving, hikes, windsurfing or just relaxing on the beach, Aruba has you covered!

Carnival in Aruba is the ultimate tropical Caribbean party! It is a month-long pre-Lenten celebration that is the most anticipated event of the year on the island. It is all about the community coming together, celebrating life and having fun. If you want to know what is carnival? Aruba is the place to find out, with a carnival spirit that rivals the passion seen only in a World Cup!

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