Welcome to Caribbean

Welcome to Caribbean! The islands are perfect, the weather is perfect, the water is perfect… everything is perfection! No matter which island you land upon, you will be surrounded by perfection. Sandy white beaches, forests so green and water so blue that it hurts the eyes.

The Caribbean is an area rich with history, famous for tales of pirates and treasure. The Caribbean located south of the USA mainland, north of South America and east of Central America. The Caribbean is a mosaic of over 7000 islands, cays, islets and the Caribbean Sea. The islands are a mix of sovereign states, overseas dependencies and departments. Interestingly fewer than 10% of islands are inhabited.

The Caribbean is an intoxicating and vibrant mix of incredible people and places. The Caribbean is home to the most hospitable and welcoming people in the world, where paradise seekers come to experience an explosion of colour, culture, white beaches, shimmering reefs, rum soaked nights, salsa rhythms, pirate hideouts, reggae tunes and high mountain peaks.

And don’t think for a second that all the islands in the Caribbean are similar. In fact, the Caribbean is extremely diverse. You have bustling Barbados, Spanish Puerto Rico, glorious yet crumbling communist Cuba, voodoo loving Haiti, St Vincent which has barely changed since colonial times, the British island of St Kitts, the sleepy Dutch island Saint Eustatius, banking capital Cayman island or the Dominican Republic with its vibrant Latino culture to name a few.

As soon as Christmas and New Year’s is over, the Caribbean becomes consumed with carnival which is celebrated throughout the region. Carnival in the Caribbean is a hedonistic once-in-a-lifetime, larger than life celebration of life! Caribbean Carnival is vibrant, colourful, lively, loud, sexy and chaotic. Carnival unites the people together, no matter your age, race, nationality or religion!

The biggest, wildest and most famous carnival is Trinidad and Tobago the original home of Caribbean Carnival. From Trinidad carnival spread to many other Caribbean islands where the celebrations became fused with local cultures. Come discover carnival in the Caribbean where these world-famous celebrations are an explosion of music, costuming, dancing, song, and rum.

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