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Carnival of Cultures in Berlin is a parade and carnival celebration that is all about breaking down barriers and bringing people together.


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    When is Carnival of Cultures 2023?

    Every year when Spring comes to Berlin, German so too does carnival. The carnival date is always set around Pentecost Sunday. Carnival of cultures goes for four days with Pentecost Sunday being the day when most festivities occur.

    The 2023 Berlin Carnival of Cultures will take place from May 26 until May 29, 2023.

    Where does Carnival of Cultures take place?

    For four fun filled days the Carnival of Cultures occurs at Blücherplatz, in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. There will several stages put up for live performances as well as food and drink vendors and many market stalls set up selling arts and crafts.

    What is Carnival of Cultures?

    berlin carnival

    The Carnival of Cultures or Karneval der Kulturen is a carnival celebration that occurs annually in Berlin, Germany. Berlin is an international city that is home to around half a million people from all around the world. 

    The Carnival of Cultures is a multi-cultured celebration that pays homage to Berlin’s ethnically diverse population. Carnival of Cultures is all about celebrating a peaceful co-existence between all the different culture’s that call Berlin home.

    Carnival of Cultures is where people from all sorts of different background unite and share their passions, ideas, hopes and dreams in a creative manner with other open-minded people. 

    What is the history of Carnival of Cultures?

    The origins of the Carnival of Cultures celebrations first started back in 1996 as an answer to xenophobic race riots that had been occurring in the area. Every year it continued to become more and more popular and eventually transformed into a four-day street celebration which culminates in a huge colourful street procession.

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    Attended by Two Million People!

    carnival of cultures

    When the Carnival of Cultures began in 1996 it had an impressive attendance of 50,000 but today it has grown exponentially in size with almost two million people coming Berlin to join in the carnival celebrations.

    The Carnival of Culture procession groups have also grown from 2000 to 5000 thousand and feature groups from all over the world including Africa, Asia and Latin America.

    How is Carnival of Cultures celebrated?

    berlin carnival

    The Carnival of Cultures took its inspiration from other carnival celebrations that were occurring in Europe including London’s Notting Hill and Rotterdam’s Zomercarnaval.

    The Carnival of Cultures has parades, street parties, theatre shows, street performers, market stalls, food vendors, arts and crafts and so many more activities and events that are all about celebrating and embracing peace, tolerance and multi-culturalism.

    Live Music is also a key part of The Carnival of Cultures with several stages hoisted to features Berlin’s International Music Scene and has many live bands including international acts play concerts.

    Berlin Celebrates Multi-culturalism

    berlin carnival

    The Carnival of Cultures aims to bring people from different cultures together so that we can learn and appreciate each other’s different values, cultures and beliefs. Its about breaking down barriers between different regions, nationalities, religions and cultures.

    The Carnival of Cultures lets us appreciate each other’s cultures through the different displays of costumes, dance, music, arts and crafts that feature in the celebration. When nationalism and populism are on the rise the Berlin Carnival of Cultures is a celebration of diversity.

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    Everyone is welcome to take part

    What is nice about Berlin’s Carnival of Cultures is that everyone of all ages is invited. It’s a family friendly event and everyone can come out to enjoy the beautiful celebration of cultures in Berlin. The way we learn about each other is through sharing and the Carnival of Cultures provides this opportunity to do so.

    The Carnival of Cultures is about involving everyone from all walks of life and anyone is welcome to take part it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or amateur. People of all ages and cultural backgrounds from all over Berlin have the chance to take part in the parade.

    Carnival of Cultures Street Parade

    carnival cultures

    The highlight of Carnival of Cultures is an amazing street parade that features around 5000 dancers, musicians, DJs and artists from over 70 different countries. The Colourful parade features performers from all over the world that put on the most incredible procession.

    The Carnival of Cultures Parade kicks off at midday and begins at Hermannplatz heading along towards Yorkstraße where it will finish later in the afternoon. The Carnival of Culture Parade runs for about four hours and over a million spectators come out to watch.

    The parade features incredibly authentic costumes, elaborately decorated floats and amazing larger than life puppets. With carnival groups from all round the world you can watch Brazilian Samba dancers, Irish folk singers or a Chinese dragon dance group. There is so much to soak up.

    Where to stay for Carnival of Cultures?

    berlin carnival

    There are hotels, hostels, guest houses and apartment rentals for all budgets. If you want to be close to the action stay in around Hermannplatz. It is important to book accommodation and make travel arrangements in advance because with the carnival attracting millions the earlier you book the more choices and availability you have, and the better the budget.

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    Book your Hotel and Flight for the Carnival of Cultures


    Carnival of Cultures Music

    carnival of cultures

    Carnival of Cultures is all about entertainment and Berlin would never throw a party without a lot music! During the Carnival of Cultures and you can enjoy music from all over the world.

    There are four different festival stages that play so many different styles of music like reggae, samba, Afrobeat, funk, Jamaican dancehall, soca and so much more. One of the highlights is the Farafina stage that features some pretty impressive African drum shows.

    Besides the concerts throughout the whole area the Carnival of Cultures will feature different street musicians and bands playing their own tunes.

    Food vendors

    Trust us when we say turn up to Carnival of Cultures on an empty stomach! There are over 350 delicious mouth-watering food stalls, selling delicious dishes from all around the world. Exotic food smells fill the air and why not drink some exotic cocktails to!

    There are also gorgeous market stalls selling arts and crafts, clothes, jewellery and all sorts of beautiful things from all around the world.

    Carnival of Cultures Street Parties

    carnival of cultures

    Of course, like most carnival celebrations when the sun goes down is when the real party kicks off and the debauchery begins. All the families with kids head home and the sounds systems are brought out. Music fills the air and the everyone parties on the street till the sun rises.

    Carnival of Cultures Street Parade Route

    The Carnival of Cultures Street Parade takes place at Hermannplatz near the metro station. The parade runs down through to Yorckstrasse.

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    How to Get to Carnival of Cultures?

    berlin carnival

    To get to Berlin the easiest way is the fly as the city has a major international airport that is well connected. You can also drive, take the bus or train if you live nearby.

    Getting around Berlin is easy as the city has numerous bus services and an excellent metro city that has two stations close to where the Carnival of Cultures is centred.

    How much does Carnival of Cultures?

    Good news! Entry to Carnival of Cultures is free for everyone!

    What to do and see in Berlin?

    Apart from the carnival celebrations Berlin is one of the greatest places in Germany. Berlin is full of impressive monuments, incredible food, amazing markets and nightlife.

    What to wear for Carnival of Cultures?

    The Carnival of Cultures is one of Germany’s most legendary events. A celebration of cultures from all around the world.  The parades are colourful AF, with women dressed in colourful and elaborate feather headdresses and bejewelled bras. You don’t need to dress like the people in the parade but why not wear some playful pieces that will help you stand out from the crowds.

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    Location Map

    Table of Contents
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