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The Atlanta Dekalb Carnival is all about embracing and celebrating Caribbean culture in the United States. Parades, parties, food, music and dance for everyone to enjoy!


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    When is the 2022 Atlanta Dekalb Carnival?

    The Atlanta Dekalb Carnival is celebrated every year on the last Saturday of May. The 2022 Atlanta Dekalb Carnival will be held on Saturday May 28, 2022.

    Please note that due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this event may see changes or cancellations. Please check local government and organizer announcements prior to attending carnival to ensure that the event has not been postponed or cancelled.

    Where is the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival?

    The Atlanta Dekalb Carnival will be held in Decatur in the state of Georgia. Decatur is vibrant suburb, only 8 kilometers northeast of Atlanta city Centre.

    What is the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival?

    atlanta dekalb carnival

    Did you know that Atlanta is home to lots of Caribbean cultures and the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival is all about embracing and celebrating Caribbean culture through food, music, dance, costumes, culture, family and friends. Atlanta Dekalb Carnival educates the community and next generation of Caribbean youths about Caribbean culture, arts, crafts and music.

    Atlanta Dekalb Carnival is filled with a beautiful mix of diverse people, generations and cultures, it is absolutely worth attending! Enjoy lots of soca, reggae and salsa tunes. Eat delicious foods like fried plantains, rice and beans, jerk chicken and Caribbean rum. Admire the beautiful costumes and dance the day away.

    How is Atlanta Dekalb Carnival celebrated?

    atlanta dekalb carnival

    Around 30,000 people attend this carnival each year! The highlight of the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival is the parade! The parade which features incredible performers, musicians, live bands and stunning costumes, who put on the most incredible show!

    Atlanta Dekalb Carnival is all about Caribbean food, costumes, music, dance, and traditions. The carnival features live entertainment and music performances featuring top talent from all over the Caribbean, as well as local performers.

    You can also enjoy delicious Caribbean cuisine, which is a key part of celebrating. Carnival will have amazing food vendors selling mouth-watering dishes, desserts and drinks from all over the Caribbean.

    In addition to delicious food and excellent music, the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival have so many other fun activities for the whole family. There are plenty of parties throughout carnival weekend, as well as leading up to carnival.

    What is playing mas?

    atlanta dekalb carnival

    When it comes to Caribbean Carnival you can either be a spectator or you can join in the parades! For those not familiar with Caribbean Carnival, when you join in the parades, it is known as playing mas.

    To play mas you have to join a masquerade band. You can’t just show up in your own costumes and march in the parade. You must select a mas band, purchase their costumes, or t-shirts and dance through the streets with your chosen band.

    Atlanta Dekalb Carnival Parade

    atlanta dekalb carnival

    • Date: Saturday, May 28th, 2022
    • Time: 12:00 to 5:30 pm
    • Parade Route: The parade route will begin off Covington Hwy and Paul Edwin Drive

    Atlanta Dekalb Carnival Parade will transform Decatur into a chaotic, colorful and lively celebration. A stream of Mas Bands accompanied by sound systems or music bands will march through the streets, in gorgeous costumes, dancing their hearts out. You will hear a lot of Caribbean tunes like reggae, soca or calypso, and even see lots of Steel pan bands performing. 

    Atlanta Dekalb Carnival Parade is more than just a parade, it is also a competition, that will see all the mas bands being judged on their costumes, performance, energy and creativity. The event is free for all spectators and will run for a few hours.

    How to get to Atlanta Dekalb Carnival?

    atlanta dekalb carnival

    To get to the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival, visitors can consider different options depending on their comfort. Such as the following:

    • By plane: You can arrive by air, specifically at the Atlanta Airport International Terminal. Once there, you can take a car to Decatur.
    • By Bus: You can get a bus to Atlanta from all over the US. Atlanta has a main bus terminal.
    • By car: Depending on the state where you are located, you can take a bus to travel by land to Georgia, until you arrive at Swift Transportation – Atlanta Terminal.

    Where to stay Atlanta Dekalb Carnival?

    atlanta dekalb carnival

    Atlanta has no shortage of accommodation options that suit all budgets and levels of comfort. If you are looking for accommodation close to Atlanta Carnival than we suggest that you find accommodation in the Decatur area, where carnival is held.

    Check out some accommodation deals for Atlanta here.

    What to do and see in Atlanta?

    atlanta dekalb carnival

    Carnival takes place in the Decatur suburb of Atlanta. Decatur is known throughout the state of Georgia as being a great destination for art, food, families and people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta. In fact, this four-square mile suburb is packed with incredible restaurants, bars, art galleries, and parks. 

    Decatur is also a great place to base yourself so you can explore Atlanta and all its hidden gems. Atlanta is a beautiful city known for its trees, flowers and perfect weather. But there is so many amazing monuments and experiences that you can have in this amazing city. Here are some top suggestions:


    The first forms of what would be the carnival celebrations in Atlanta would be known in 1988, the year of its appearance, after a group of people carried out this celebration on behalf of the islands belonging to the Caribbean in Atlanta, specifically in its metropolitan area.

    This event stood out as a pioneer in the birth of the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival, which today is a celebration with more than 30 years of continuity in the state of Georgia, in Dekalb. This celebration is attended by people from all over the world, who are interested in knowing the mixture of nuances of this celebration.

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    Location Map

    Table of Contents
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