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Atlanta Dekalb Carnival is celebration that frames the tradition with a unique variety of parades, dances, masks, musical shows, and different attractions that delight the public.


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    Atlanta Dekalb Carnival Video

    During May, the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival is celebrated in the State of Georgia, specifically in the city of Atlanta. A celebration that frames the tradition with a unique variety of parades, dances, masks, musical shows, and different attractions that delight the public.

    In the following sections, we will learn all about this fascinating event, which is attended by the most outstanding talent every year, and by thousands of tourists interested in learning about the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival.

    First, we will know what this celebration consists of, understanding which are its most important symbols and its scheme. Then we will consult important data about its date, its programming, and its location. Additionally, information about its origins, its activities, and much more will be presented below.

    When is the 2022 Atlanta Dekalb Carnival?

    The Atlanta Dekalb Carnival is celebrated every year on the last Saturday of May, date from which the carnival program is organized, and in that sense, the different activities begin. The 2022 Atlanta Dekalb Carnival will be held on Saturday, May 28th respectively.

    Where is the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival?

    The Atlanta Dekalb Carnival is located in the state of Georgia, specifically, in the city of Stonecrest, in the United States. Its celebration, for the year 2022, will take place at the epicenter of the Mall Parkway, starting at 12:00 pm.

    What is the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival?

    atlanta dekalb carnival

    The Atlanta Dekalb Carnival is a celebration that takes place in the state of GA (Georgia), where a wide range of cultural expressions based on music, performing arts, visual art and gastronomy are mainly observed. In fact, it is considered the largest event of its kind in Georgia.

    At least 30,000 people attend each year, who are welcomed with an opening parade at Stonecrest, mostly at 12:00 pm, which will proceed from Stonecrest Mall to Atlanta Sports City.

    The Atlanta Dekalb Carnival is characterized as a meeting of talents that define the culture, not only of this county, but of multiple horizons. In this regard, it is possible to find musical samples of Reggae, Calypso, Soca (among others), which accompany the mobilizations in which all kinds of dances based on different artistic and cultural concepts are appreciated.

    The costumes will also be part of the repertoire of samples that flood the streets during the celebration of this carnival. Some, representing typical concepts of the counties, and others, related to certain social issues or just entertainment and comedy.

    Atlanta’s carnival is also a space where merchants present their local crafts, offering visitors a sample of both national and international culture. Hundreds of samples, among which we must also mention the gastronomy, highlighting a variety of dishes to suit all tastes.

    A “cultural phenomenon of international scope,” is one of the most common labels associated with the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival. This event has been able to incorporate a myriad of traditions into a single celebration, which has allowed it to become popular as a uniquely North American celebration.

    The Atlanta Dekalb Carnival features a parade that can be witnessed by all those who attend the carnival. However, in order to enjoy all the attractions of this celebration, visitors must pay a fee – between $20 and $40 – to enter the Atlanta Sports City, which becomes the epicenter of this celebration.

    Many people decide to attend only the parade, where they can also enjoy a unique and comforting spectacle. They will find a meeting point where they can meet all kinds of artistic expressions as well as the merchants that always circulate along the parade route.

    Likewise, people who wish to attend the epicenter of the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival will enjoy the most important talents, both from Georgia and abroad in terms of music. In addition to the aforementioned genres, the groups may also perform under the rock genres, taking the energy of the stage to another level.

    How is Atlanta Dekalb Carnival celebrated?

    atlanta dekalb carnival

    It is almost impossible to forget the celebration of the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival, because on the Saturday in May when it is held, the streets of Stonecrest are virtually gridlocked for all the festivities. The different personalities that constitute the beginning of this celebration, attend the open spaces to characterize the Dekalb Carnival from the epicenter of Stonecrest.

    Dancers, costumes, musicians, merchants and, of course, many tourists, will be the protagonists of the street. A space where fun and celebration will be the main activities. All this, based on a route that will start from Mall Parkway to Atlanta Sports City.

    The blockade of the streets usually lasts at least 5 hours, so that at 6:00 pm, the parade ends, at least outside the streets. Then, the carnival moves to the Carnival Village, where it will continue until approximately 10:00 pm in dances and different musical presentations prepared specifically for this celebration.

    Despite being a relatively short celebration -in comparison to others-, the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival is one of the most attended events in all of Georgia, with music culture being the highlight of the event. Both its visitors and its hosts highlight a mixed participation in all kinds of intercultural activities such as dances and musical appreciations.

    Origins of the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival

    atlanta dekalb carnival

    The first forms of what would be the carnival celebrations in Atlanta would be known in 1988, the year of its appearance, after a group of people carried out this celebration on behalf of the islands belonging to the Caribbean in Atlanta, specifically in its metropolitan area.

    This event stood out as a pioneer in the birth of the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival, which today is a celebration with more than 30 years of continuity in the state of Georgia, in Dekalb. This celebration is attended by people from all over the world, who are interested in knowing the mixture of nuances of this celebration.

    Atlanta Dekalb Carnival Schedule


    The Atlanta Dekalb Carnival is scheduled to take place over a single day, with two main activities that make up its program, respectively:

    • Saturday, May 28th – 12:00 to 5:30 pm: The Atlanta Dekalb Carnival parade takes place, where different cultural attractions and commercial activities characteristic of this celebration will be appreciated.
    • Saturday, May 28th – 1:30 to 10:00 pm: Musical shows are held at the Village Festival. This space, mostly defined inside a shopping mall, is witness to different concerts held in honor of the festival with a varied range of artists.

    The schedule of the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival is not characterized by being varied, but rather by bringing these two important moments together in a single celebration where there can be the largest gathering of people.

    How to get to Atlanta Dekalb Carnival?

    atlanta dekalb carnival

    To get to the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival, visitors can consider different options depending on their comfort. Such as the following:

    • By plane: You can arrive by air, specifically at the Atlanta Airport International Terminal. Once there, you can take a car to Dekalb.
    • By car: Depending on the state where you are located, you can take a bus to travel by land to Georgia, until you arrive at Swift Transportation – Atlanta Terminal.

    Where to stay Atlanta Dekalb Carnival?

    When it comes to staying, visitors will find different options for their stay. Among these, you can consider:

    • Quality Inn & Suites: It is the most attractive option in terms of staying, since it is located less than 5 miles from the Festival Village, where the post-parade musical shows of the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival take place.
    • Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta East Stonecrest: Another of the most profitable hotels for those who have planned to take the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival route. A space characterized by surpassing all quality standards in terms of service, food, hygiene, location, etc.

    Book your Hotel and Flight for the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival

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    What to do and see at the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival?

    atlanta dekalb carnival

    During the parade, visitors can enjoy different attractions and concepts recreated by the performers who, arduously, decide to revive multiple concepts through their dances and costumes. In the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival parade, it is possible to find the following iconic elements of this celebration:

    • Ensembles: It is a group of musicians, mostly made up of percussionists, who offer a rhythmic show to all spectators. The dances are not long in coming with the rhythms emanating from these ensembles, which have become one of the most distinctive features of the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival parade respectively..
    • Men with Haitian flags: Despite not being such a striking figure as the musical groups, this character is considered an essential symbol in the meaning of this carnival, since it reminds all the cultural treasure that this celebration converges, giving rise to new concepts and notions about the true value of the celebration of this carnival. This individual has been part of the carnival scene since its first celebrations.
    • Majorette: This word is used to refer to a woman, who always wears a uniform and holds a movement in her hands, which she is supposed to “spin and throw in the air”. A person who seems to be directing a whole group of young girls who are performing a specifically musical choreography.
    • Sailor: Due to the history of the Caribbean islands in the performance of naval groups, it is very common to find men dressed in sailors’ uniforms. At the same time, the concept of the costume can have different intentions, either satire and a historical message or perhaps a more artistic one. The sailor is one of the most characteristic features of the parade of this carnival.
    • Junkanoo: They will be the most important protagonists of the parade, as they will assume the dances that, for hours, will take over the streets of Stonecrest. This is a group of more than 1,000 dancers, who will be responsible for giving a glorious entrance to the parade. They, together with the hypnotic rhythm groups, must completely dominate the streets during the day and night, until everyone in the celebration is very exhausted.

    During the celebration of the parade, visitors can approach the merchants to learn about and enjoy the artisan offerings that they always prepare. They will also be able to find a wide variety of gastronomic presentations, based on the cultural mix that defines the concept of the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival.

    For those who want to enjoy an extended and promising event after the parade, they can attend the musical shows at the Festival Village. Here, a host of top artists will perform for the public, where energies will remain high until 10:00 pm. The variety of genres attracts hundreds of people.

    These elements have been part of the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival experience, which have positioned it as a unique adventure where visitors can enjoy a unique celebration in just one day and night.

    Is Atlanta Dekalb a safe city?

    atlanta dekalb carnival

    One of the major concerns that visitors value when selecting a location is the safety of the area around their destination. The case of Dekalb stands out as one of the safest cities in Atlanta, which has also been reinforced by its tourist attraction during carnival season..

    Anyone wishing to attend the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival will be able to enjoy a safe space that can be enjoyed at any time. However, it will never be too much to suggest the jealous safeguarding of belongings and avoid, at least, lowering the guard completely. This will help to avoid any unforeseen situation, remembering that this is a crowded area.

    Dekalb offers its visitors the possibility of enjoying nightlife, being able to visit different common spaces, or also enjoy its gastronomy at night. This, thanks to the security that exists in this area. So there is no need to worry about this factor when planning a visit to live the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival experience.

    What is prohibited at the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival?

    Before entering the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival, visitors must take into account a series of regulations that have been required, on the one hand, to ensure good coexistence during the carnival, and on the other hand, to ensure biosafety during the realization of this festival in the most correct way possible. 

    Regulations for healthy coexistence

    It is strictly prohibited to carry and/or bring to the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival:

    • Laser pointers.
    • Weapons.
    • Tents.
    • Compact coolers.
    • Maces.
    • Trolleys.
    • Foreign food.

    The possession of any of these objects could affect the enjoyment of the carnival not only by the owner, but also by those who might be around them at any given time. One of the most typical examples are the tents, which have been penalized for being used by owners in the middle of the road during the parade..

    Regulations by COVID-19

    It will be necessary to comply with the following standards, in accordance with the due prevention before COVID-19:

    • Maintain a distance of at least two meters: Even though it is a massive event, it is equally important to have the necessary distance to avoid the increase of contagions. In this sense, visitors should reserve a prudent space from their peers. It is possible that this measure will result in fewer people being able to enter the Village Festival.
    • Always maintain the use of masks: Respectively, each visitor must have a mask to protect himself and his companions. This will allow you to circulate fully and without a penalty and / or fine for not complying with the proper sanitary measures.
    • To have gel and/or antibacterial: As a way to maintain a certain level of cleanliness in your hands, you should have a small bottle of antibacterial. This is to remove any impurities on your hands after contact with certain surfaces.

    Efforts to maintain this important carnival in spite of the pandemic have been successful in sustaining the programming of this symbolic presentation. In this sense, the results of the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival will determine if this activity will continue to be profitable even with the COVID-19 pandemic.

    What to eat in the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival?

    atlanta dekalb carnival

    Visitors to the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival will find a wide range of dining options. Not to mention that Dekalb has multiple restaurants ready to welcome diners, who will be able to find dishes such as:

    • Lobio: A recipe based on green beans, which contain special herbs and a spicy flavor thanks to the use of chili peppers.
    • Kharcho: It is a type of consommé made with different ingredients such as garlic, Georgian spices, coriander, and beef. The meat can also be substituted by chicken, but in either case, it will be seasoned and then sealed and infused in the sauce.
    • Mchadi: It is a bread made with water and corn flour. It is very common to accompany it with cheese, although the type of cheese will also depend on the preferences of the diner.
    • Grup: For soup lovers, it is a small sample obtained through dried plums, which have garlic, walnuts and a piece of beef.
    • Ajapsandali: It is an eggplant stew, which is also accompanied with peppers, onions and other vegetables.
    • Phkhali: These are vegetables that have been chopped and bound with walnut sauce. This sauce is made with garlic, walnuts, vinegar and herbs. In this regard, the vegetables typically used in this dish are beets, eggplants and cabbage, although spinach can also be found in certain cases.
    • Khachapuri: One of the most traditional dishes, typical of Georgia, where the diner can enjoy a large wheat flour base filled with egg, cheese, spices and meat.
    • Khinkali: It is a meatball made with chopped pieces of meat, one of the most typical dishes of this area. It is cooked in water and not steamed, which makes its interior juicy and gives a unique sensation in every bite.

    To enjoy these dishes, visitors can find more than 10 restaurants where they can select the menu of their preference. Another of the most favorable attractions of the Dekalb experience is the variety of international restaurants. Here, the diner can also opt for his or her favorite dishes from other traditions.. 

    A unique experience to enjoy

    The Atlanta Dekalb Carnival is a celebration that has become the center of attention for carnival fans. Thanks to this, at least 30 thousand people attend annually, willing to learn and enjoy more about the traditions that define Dekalb as the epicenter of carnival in Georgia.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected this type of activity. However, it is expected that corrective enforcement and increasingly timely infection control may progressively facilitate the conduct of these types of activities. In the meantime, the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival will be conducted under a pandemic-adapted scheme.

    These are all the aspects you need to know to attend the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival and enjoy a unique experience. The only thing missing is your decision in this experience in which you will find an unparalleled spectacle that you will surely want to repeat in a short period.


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    Location Map

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