Welcome to Turkey 

Turkey is where continents collide it is the bridge between the West and East. It is a land with a rich history, incredible cuisine, diverse landscapes, hospitable locals and ancient ruins. Turkey is home to 80 million people who are proud of their culture, customs and religion. Turkey is a fusion of past and future. It is a dynamic country that welcomes economic, political and cultural changes.

Turkey is rich in history! It has been home to a succession of historical figures and empires including the Romans, Ottomans and Byzantines who have all made an impression on this Silk Road stopover. You can see Roman ruins, Lycian ruins, Ottoman palaces, Byzantine monasteries, the Istanbul Topkapı Palace, ancient port city of Ephesus or the WW1 Battlefields of Gallipoli.

Turkey is filled with diverse landscapes from its Mediterranean coastline, to the Aegean olive groves, to Cappadocia’s incredible rock formations. Turkey’s terrain is varied, there is 8,000km of coastline split between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. There are multiple mountain ranges, placid lakes, fertile plains, picturesque beaches, sleepy villages and chaotic and vibrant cities.

As a country filled with millions of people, Turkey has lots of celebrations throughout the year to celebrate national holidays and religious feasts. Turkey even has carnival!

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