Sri Lanka

Welcome to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is located in South Asia and sits in the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka is an island country filled with endless stretches of beaches, architectural gems, timeless ruins, elephants, tea plantations, delicious food, non-stop sunshine and welcoming people. Sri Lanka is filled with a myriad of charms and a mix of British colonial heritage.

Sri Lanka is rich in cultural heritage as its history spans back 3,000 years. They have even found evidence of human settlements dating back 125,000 years. Sri Lanka’s ancient culture can be discovered all over, with ancient temples or the Colonial gems in Colombo. It is where the first cultural writings of Buddha appeared and it is home to eight UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Besides Sri Lanka’s incredible history and culture it’s also got undeniable natural beauty. It has miles of coastline with stunning beaches. Gorgeous national parks where you can see hundreds of elephants herded together, or you can even spot a leopard. To escape the tropical climate you can head for the hills, which has more temperate climates filled with tea plantations and rainforests.

Sri Lanka has 25 public holidays a year because of its four main religions! Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Christianity. So there are many celebrations and festivals all throughout Sri Lanka that everyone can enjoy. Celebration with parades, costumes, music, dance as well as lots of feasting and drinking.

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