Welcome to Japan 

Japan is a timeless place where modern life has fused with ancient customs. Japan is a land of contrasts home to futurist megacities like Tokyo as well as historic shrines, castles and feudal towns. Even its landscapes vary from its snowy north to sub-tropical islands.

Japan appears incredibly modern, even futuristic but when you spend some time in the country you realise that the people are still incredibly connected with the countries ancient traditions. You can meditate with monks in a zen rock garden, or see a geisha dance.

Japan is renowned for its incredible food that has spread across the world. It is a foodies paradise and you are never far away from a great meal in Japan. Every region has its own unique cuisine with the coast being famous for sushi and the mountain regions for hotpots.

When it comes to carnival, Japan isn’t the first thing that comes to most peoples mind, but carnival reaches all parts of the world. Every year Japan throws the Asakusa Carnival in Tokyo which is a Brazilian samba carnival with a Japanese flair that is definitely worth checking out!

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