Welcome to Indonesia 

This incredible nation made up of over 17,000 islands. It is sprawled across the equator between Asia and Australia, making all the islands very tropical. Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world, with a population of over 246 million people, who speak an astounding 500 languages.

Indonesia is a fascinating mix of customs, cultures, peoples, history, architectural sights, art, food, and beautiful landscapes. Every island is a unique mix of people and landscapes that are home to some incredibly rich cultures like the Balinese or the Asmat people of Papua.

All across Indonesia you will discover stunning and dramatic landscapes. From the white sand beaches of Sulawesi to Sumatara a place dotted with hundreds of volcanos. The mainly volcanic islands of Indonesia have created tall cloud-swept mountains surrounded by green rainforests or rice fields, that meet with bright blue seas.

There is great adventure to be had around every turn. Why not explore some of the most famous temples in Yogyakaarta or surf some of the best breaks in the world. You could find a remote island paradise or explore the chaotic city of Jakarta or visit an ancient West Timor village.

Indonesian people certainly pay a homage and attention to their traditions and customs. Throughout the year all over the country you will find a variety of festivities including carnival, all of which make Indonesia a fascinating place for tourists all year long.

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