Welcome to China

China, officially called the People’s Republic of China. This populous nation in East Asia has a population of around 1.4 billion people.  Diverse in ethnic, culinary, geographic and social make-up. China one of the world’s oldest civilisations is developing at a rate unmatched in human history.

China is a riveting mix of different climates, dialects and topographical extremes. It’s like many different countries in one. Filled with vast landscapes, neon cities, remote villages, deserts, lakes, rivers, mountains, markets, ancient artefacts and historic sites.

The mix of ancient and modern will keep you in awe. You have Shanghai a futuristic mega city filled with skyscrapers, or the capital Beijing that mixes modern architecture with ancient sites like the Forbidden City Palace and Tiananmen Square. Home to the iconic Great Wall of China, the immortal Terracotta Army, the largest Buddha statue in the wold and the Silk Road.

China boasts a long history that is filled with rich cultural meaning and their celebrations are an important part of Chinese culture. They are generally festive occasions filled with many traditional folk customs. A great carnival to visit in China is the Monihei Carnival which has been described as one of the happiest carnivals one can attend!

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