Aisha Noel

Aisha Noel is an up-and-coming Trinidadian star whose career is gaining lots of momentum. She is talented, beautiful and has an incredible voice! She is on her way to stardom!
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    Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago is the incredibly talented singer/songwriter Aisha Noel, an upcoming soca star whose career is quickly picking up momentum! Aisha just released her first hit single “Nobody be Safe”, which she says is all about being free and expressing the carnival spirit. The single highlights her versatility as an artist and is just an appetizer for what is to come.

    “I can’t miss mas in town that’s like a must”

    aisha noel

    Aisha’s love of music and performing arts started at a young age and she began singing, songwriting and playing the piano early on. After school Aisha studied at the University of West Indies where she earned a BA in International Relations and Psychology. Socially conscious, she is passionate about wanting international security and being an advocate for peace.

    However, it was when Aisha traveled to Latin America that her passion for music reignited and her musical journey to become a solo artist began. Whilst in Colombia she performed at numerous schools throughout the country which gave her the confidence and courage to chase her dreams and pursue music as a full time career!

    When she returned to Trinidad and Tobago she was one of the top finalists in The 2018 Uncovered Live Showcase, as her show Aisha Uncovered Live, at Kaiso Blues Café was a huge hit! She essentially went on tour performing at numerous shows across the country including the Republic Bank Decibel Expo 2018 and New Fire Festival 2018.

     Aisha Noel – Soca Fever (Baile) [Official Music Video] | Hello Bacchanal Riddim “2020 Soca”

    We got a chance to interview the talented Aisha Noel, to get her thoughts on carnival:

    What does Carnival mean to you?

    Carnival for me is a season when people stop thinking about their social backgrounds, ethnicity and race and really join together as one in revelry and it’s a beautiful thing to see! Seeing people embrace each other and celebrating the culture that is ours, instead of trying to find lines in which we can separate and divide ourselves. Carnival represents unity, it represents love, and it represents an appreciation for our culture.

    aisha noel

    Carnival is a worldwide phenomenon celebrated in over 50 countries around the world. For those not familiar with Caribbean Carnival, how would you explain what Soca is?

    Soca originated in Trinidad and Tobago and is a genre of music that was developed as a sort of offspring of calypso music with Latin and soul mixes infused. Personally as a singer I tend to bring a lot of that soul into my music as my voice naturally has jazzy undertones to it.

    What is your first memory of carnival?

    My first memory would have to be playing kiddies carnival with both of my parents there with me, wearing my cute little costume, going out, dancing and having a good time! 

    aisha noel

    What is your best carnival memory?

    My best carnival memory is always the moments within the season that I spend with my family. We have certain traditions that we always do, like going to the ultimate one all-inclusive fete together as well as Carnival Tuesday in town because I’m from south Trinidad. I can’t pick just one moment because there are multiple snapshots in my mind of several moments and they all mean a lot to me.

    What carnival around the world would you like to attend?

    I’d like to experience carnival in the UK. I think that would be a cool one.

    Are you part of any Mas Band?

    For the 2019 carnival I played with Kalicharan Carnival in San Fernando. Actually that was my first experience playing mas on carnival Tuesday and not just watching it from the sidelines! It was amazing! I played with my best friend and we had a great time.

    aisha noel

    What are three things you can’t miss during carnival

    I can’t miss mas in town, that’s like a must! You have to attend at least one steelpan band show and J’ouvert celebrations!

    When did you realised you wanted to be a singer?

    I always had that feeling inside but I never took it seriously until I was by myself in a foreign country and I had to figure out what I wanted, not what anyone else wanted for me, and that’s when I realised that it was my passion.

    What music do you listen to? Who inspires you?

    I listen to soca, reggaeton, acoustic tracks, reggae, pop, hip hop and kpop! Some soca inspirations include Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin, Kes,Fay Ann Lyons and recently Nadia Batson. As well as artists like Superblue who have years of experience.

    Where/How do you see yourself in ten years time?

    Whereever God wants me to be.

    What is coming next? What projects do you have in the pipeline?

    The release of my next track is definitely something I’m looking forward to. It’s a riddim produced by kvg productions and tr-shine. The song’s upbeat, very cute and energetic. I’m excited for people to hear it and it’s something to look forward to! And of course lots more great tracks along the way.

    aisha noel

    All the best Aisha, you have a bright future and no doubt we will see you soon on top of the charts…

    To get in contact with the artist, Aisha Noel: 

    Instagram: @aishanoelmusic

    Twitter: @aishanoelmusic


    Public Relations (PR) by Treldon Layne at Treldon Layne Management Group.

    Contact via email: [email protected]


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