Welcome to Nigeria 

From the bustling city of Lagos to its tiny green villages, Nigeria is now one of the most exciting places in Africa to visit. As the most populous continents in Africa, Nigeria dominates the region and is now considered the pulsating powerhouse. Once known for oil and chaos, all that is changing rapidly due to a rising middle class. Nigeria is now the face of modern Africa.

Besides being oil rich the country has a burgeoning tech industry and an exploding art scene. Lagos is now known for being a trendy and cosmopolitan city with hip restaurants, clubs and bars. Outside the cities the country is home to some of the most incredible landscapes with incredible national parks, river deltas, mountain ranges and miles upon miles of golden sand beaches.

Its almost 200 million population is almost as diverse as the country itself. Nigeria is a wealth of different religions, race and cultures. But be aware as this vibrant population has certainly created some political turmoil, making some areas of the country very unsafe.

Nigeria is home to Africa’s biggest carnival celebration, Calabar Carnival! Calabar Carnival is known as being “the pride of Nigeria!” It is certainly the biggest tourism event in West Africa, attracting over two million revellers. The Calabar Carnival Masquerade Parade known as the Battle of the Bands is even broadcast to a television audience of around fifty million people!

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