Welcome to Africa

Hear the call of the wild? Welcome to Africa, this big and beautiful continent with 54 sovereign countries. It doesn’t matter where you land on this ancient and vast continent because it is filled with dramatic landscapes, exotic animals and a magical mix of cultures. Those who have been to Africa describe it as a life changing place that gets under your skin.

There is nowhere else on the planet like Africa, from the famous Serengeti and Kruger National Parks to the rippling sand dunes in the Namibian desert. To the dizzying heights of Kilimanjaro, the rainforests of Central Africa, the souks of Marrakech, the tropical islands in the Seychelles, the Victoria falls, the green highlands and deep canyons of the Great Rift Valley, stunning coastlines and the vast savannah grasslands.

A land where vast parts are void of human noise and epic battles take place between predator and prey. Home to some of natures most incredible creatures including lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, hippos and mountain gorillas.

Africa is also the place where human beings first came into existence. A land full of ancient traditions, customs and rites that tell stories of spirit worlds. African traditions that still to this day are a very strong part of carnival around the world. In fact many speculate that the beginnings of carnival are thought to have originated in Africa, some 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt.

Across Africa particularly during the month of January and February you will find many countries preparing for carnival celebrations that take place before the onset of Lent. One of the world’s biggest carnival celebrations, Calabar Carnival, is attended by over a million people and takes place in Nigeria for the entire month of December.

Africa is ready to celebrate because carnival is coming! Forget Rio and discover some of the best carnivals that occur around Africa.

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